Dating Austrian Women: How To Make Your Experience Unforgettable

Dating Austrian Women: How To Make Your Experience Unforgettable

Many Austrian brides have similar features with fair skin and light hair, but their personalities are very diverse, which means you can always find what you are looking for in marriage when you are choosing from one of the stunning Austrian women.
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Austria is the country of the most fascinating architecture, beautiful nature, and fantastic cuisine. This is the land that once was a powerful empire and brought such talented men as Mozart, Haydn, and Schubert to the Earth. But what are local women there like? How to attract them and create a stable relationship with them? Are they interested in getting married to foreigners at all? We prepared this overview to help you find answers to these and other questions about dating Austrian women that you may have.

1. Attractiveness

Austrian girls are beautiful and, most importantly, their appearance is not limited to a certain type. They have blonde, brown, and black hair. The shade of their eyes can be green and gray as well as blue or hazel. Their body shapes also differ: in Austria, you can meet both curvy and thin ladies, as well as short and tall ones. If you prefer those who wear bright colors and paint the hair in green or blue, you will find such girls here. At the same time, if you look for stylish women who wear classy clothes and hairstyles, they also live in this country.

2. Great temper

Despite a restraint as a national feature in Austria, women here have good characters. The only thing you have to know is that her attitude towards you depends on the effort you put into the creation of a comfortable atmosphere around her. She will not show how caring and supportive she can be until you prove you have serious intentions. Once you do, you’ll see that your Austrian girl is willing to make you feel loved in several ways: by cooking for you, buying decorations to make your house cozy, and taking you to places you love visiting.

3. Wide outlook

An Austrian woman is very intelligent. From a young age, she grows up in a home with a big library gathered by her parents and loves reading a lot. She is fond of trying new things and exploring the world around her. Due to this love for books, Austrian girls have a flexible mind and can find extraordinary solutions for ordinary situations and tasks. It makes them valuable workers and wonderful partners for life.

4. Family values

Despite the desire to build a career and have a good job, an Austrian woman never forgets about creating a family and having children. Besides, she takes romance seriously and does not look for a one-night stand as it has nothing to do with getting married. Austrian ladies see men as their potential husbands – that’s why you have to put an effort into making her love you. If she notices you don’t look for a stable relationship, she will put an end to dating you.

What are Austrian Brides Like

1. They are smart

Austrian ladies know how to detect lies and insincerity, and they treat others the way they want to be treated. They will not harm others or envy people who surpass them. Instead, they try to develop their personalities all the time to be competitive as specialists and interesting as people. You will hardly ever find more curious and smart girls than Austrian ones.

2. They are modern

In Austria, people are interested in world events and always keep abreast of times. They are eager to visit exhibitions of modern art, get to know zero-waste trends and implement new technologies in their lives. It is especially true for young women. Nowadays, they find it normal to get married later and hire a nurse from time to time to care for their children while they are on a business meeting. “Kinder, Kirche, küche” is not their motto anymore like it was 50 years ago.

3. They can take care of their homes

Austrian brides pay a lot of attention to the place they live in. They know how to create a cozy atmosphere even if they rent an apartment. A clean house is not a tough task for them, although they don’t spend much time cleaning. Instead, they keep all things in a certain order so that their rooms can stay neat all the time.

4. They are persistent

From a young age, Austrian women know that they need to work hard to achieve their goals. They do not expect anyone to come and give them everything they want. Therefore, you should not be afraid that an Austrian girlfriend will hunt for your money. If she wants to have a car or an apartment, she will find a way to do it without begging her man to give her money for it.

5. They are minimalists

Austrian ladies do not need a lot to be happy. Don’t get us wrong, they would not buy the cheapest things to save money. Instead, they will buy a little, but it will be a quality item so that she can use it for years. If you share the same attitude towards things, an Austrian partner will be a perfect match for you.

Where you can meet Austrian Brides?

Long gone are those days when you should have traveled to Austria to meet Austrian mail order brides. Now you should not even hope to meet them by chance in your country since online dating websites provide an opportunity to communicate with Austrian ladies 24/7. On these sites, you can connect via voice or video calls and chat online with a woman from Austria to meet offline after some time. All you have to do to start dating this way is find a reliable platform for communication and sign up.

How to find a Reliable Austrian Dating Website?

Follow the next steps to make your online dating experience safe:

  1. Check the guarantees. You have to make sure a company that provides online dating services guarantees the safety of your transactions and returns money in case of your dissatisfaction with the service. If you cannot find such information on the website, refrain from signing up on it.
  2. Check the price list. If the prices per minute of communication with a mail order bride are too high, try to find another website. Remember, such a service should not cost you a fortune.
  3. Get to know the exact means of communication. If you cannot communicate via video calls, the website is likely to be fake. Platforms with real women usually do not limit an opportunity to see other users.
  4. Do not make your personal data public. Does a website ask you to save your payment details or proposes to fill your profile page with any private information? Don’t do it if you don’t want to become a victim of scammers.
  5. Check whether a Support Team is available. If you have any questions regarding the website usage and cannot find information on how to do it, feel free to call or chat online with the Customer Support team. Pay attention to whether it is helpful or not. If you did not get an answer or your problem was not solved immediately, do not use this website in the future and report the issue on platforms with reviews.

Tips on Dating an Austrian Girl

  1. Respect boundaries. Austrian brides are not that type of women who will chat with you about personal matters right after you’ve met. She is likely to refrain from talking about her family relations until she knows you well. Do not take it personally, that’s just a national feature.
  2. Be a gentleman. All women love to be treated as queens, and Austrian ones are not an exception. They love to feel cared for by their men and do not mind if you pay for the dinner on the first couple of dates. So if it’s in your nature to help a woman to take off the coat or open the door, feel free to do it.
  3. Listen to her. The easiest way to make an Austrian bride like you is to let her express herself. Talk about her hobbies and interests besides her job and organize a date related to them. Simple as that.
  4. Don’t talk about yourself all the time. Especially if it’s your first offline date. No matter where your conversation drifts, leave an equal space to talk for both of you.
  5. Be creative. Don’t have doubts about whether to surprise your girlfriend or not if you don’t know each other well. For example, she will be very glad to spend a weekend in some other country or visit a concert of her favorite music band or composer. All you have to do is ask smart questions and then take action.


Are you feeling more confident by the end of this guide? If so, we did not waste time collecting facts for the article. Let us know once you use any of our tips or hints, so we will be able to create even better reviews for you in the future.