Shaadi Review 2024: Reliable and Safe Matchmaking or Scam?

Shaadi Review 2024: Reliable and Safe Matchmaking or Scam?

“Wedding” is an English equivalent to the word “shaadi.” Shaadi is an Indian matchmaking agency that aims to unite Indian and Asian singles worldwide. The agency was founded in 1996, so it is one of the oldest in the industry. It has 28 awards in the IT field and monthly traffic of more than 2 million visits.
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How it Works?

The homepage of the website is quite modern. The site is regularly updated and quite informative as well. You can get an understanding of how the service works, read some testimonials, and check the awards. To find a match or at least check the quality of profiles, you need to register an account. The registration requires you to take the following steps:
1. Go to, fill out a short form, and press the Let’s Begin button.

2. You will get to the registration form. Here you have to include your email address, a password for your Shaadi account, and select what you create a profile for. After that, select your gender and press the Next button.
3. You will get to the next menu, where you have to include your full name, date of birth, religion, country of residence, and native language. At this point, you should get familiar with the Shaadi’s terms of use. Then, press Sign Up.


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 Sign-up Questionnaires

Now, the service requires you to complete the profile. All sections are obligatory except for dietary preferences. The Community section requires you to indicate your confession. Also, the service requires you to include the city your family lives in, which is at least weird for a dating service. The questionnaire goes way beyond the industry standards. Once you complete this survey, press Continue.

Afterward, you need to answer questions about your education, occupation, and income. All these sections are obligatory except for a subsection where you can indicate your educational institution and current workplace. As you can see, reporting your annual earnings will help the service adjust matches.
Afterward, complete a profile description. You can write about yourself in your own words or leave the auto-generated text based on the questionnaires. Also, you have to include your mobile number, which is generally not recommended when it comes to online dating sites. But this section is obligatory. The service will send you a verification code on the phone number.
After that, you will have to upload a scan of your identity proof to finish the registration.
The Shaadi team will review your profile. Once it approves you, you will be allowed to use the service.
All in all, Shaadi registration is lengthy and requires providing a lot of personal information. It may be inappropriate for users who value their privacy. At the same time, the requirements mentioned above can result in better safety on the platform. Sure, it is only true if the platform is a safe place itself. Reviews

You will discover that the service has a poor rating if you address the real Shaadi testimonials on review platforms such as Sitejabber or Trustpilot. It has a rating of only 1.3/5. You will hardly find at least a single positive review.

Many people speak of poor customer service, fake profiles, and unreasonable account termination without notice. The terms of use state that Shaadi may terminate your account at any time. Once you press on the Login button, you will likely notice that your account is deleted.
It does not make the service reliable because people often get banned for no reason at all. For example, your account can get suspended during the registration process after you upload the identity proof.

The bad reviews are quite recent. As you can see, a person uploaded identity proof and got banned. Moreover, they could not even delete their account. It means that you will risk your personal information, privacy, and there is no guarantee that your ID will not be used for malicious purposes.
Your account may also be suspended after you purchase the subscription. To return your funds, you will have to address your banking institution.

As you can see, the service does not follow any ethical norms, requires lots of personal data, and deletes user accounts for no reason.

Shaadi Mobile Compatibility

The service is fully compatible with mobile devices. You can download the Shaadi com app on Google Play or App Store. It is more convenient than accessing a mobile version of the website.
Google Play Shaadi com reviews also mention performance issues such as errors occurring during login and registration. The overall rating, however, is 3.9/5, which is much better compared to review platforms. On the other hand, Google Pay users evaluate a mobile application itself, but not the full service, which is the reason for striving for better ratings.



The service claims that its platform has united more than 35 million people. There is no data on the exact gender proportion and the total number of active users. It is hard to believe in such a massive audience at first sight. On the other side, there are more than 2.8 million website users per month, which makes a 35-million audience entirely believable.

The target audience of Shaadi com is people from Asian countries, particularly India. Due to a specific cultural environment, most of them aim at long-standing relationships that result in marriage rather than short-term affairs.

Quality of Profiles

Since users have to fill out the profile sections during registration, the dating profiles on Shaadi com are generally well-detailed. You will also find out that most users feature at least a couple of photos on their profiles, which makes member search convenient. At the same time, you will find Shaadi reviews that mention fake users and scams. Former users of the platform experienced issues with repeated profiles too.

Also, users complain about false information included in Shaadi com profiles. The verification process does not work that well in reality.



The standard membership is free. However, you have to upgrade your account to use the services to the fullest. Premium membership has the following plans:

  • Three months at $88.98
  • Six months at $129
  • 12 months at $198

Premium membership allows you to:

  • Chat with users
  • Get access to other people’s contact information
  • Benefit from higher rank on the website
  • Stand out in search results

The annual plan is the most beneficial. At the same time, considering that your account can be suspended at any time, 12-month membership may become a bad idea.

Payment Options

You can purchase the Shaadi membership using the following banking options:

  • Cards (available worldwide)
  • Online banking (Indian banks are supported)
  • Checks (available in 717 Indian cities and the United Arab Emirates)
  • Shaadi collection center (available in India)
  • UAE Exchange (available worldwide)

Refund Policy

You will be able to receive a full refund if you fail to befriend at least ten people in 30 days.

Safety is certified by Geotrust. It ensures the security of the financial information you provide while purchasing a membership on the website. Shaadi uses 256-byte data encryption to keep sensitive data safe.

The service applies the following anti-fraud measures:

  • Identity verification
  • Mobile phone validation
  • Email address approval

However, as mentioned before, there are fake profiles on the platform, and no safety measures seem to be effective in limiting scams. The company itself requires lots of personal data, while deletes accounts for no reason. Moreover, it has incredibly low ratings on review platforms with literally no positive reviews. Every single person is dissatisfied with Shaadi, which speaks of the fraudulent nature of the service. Some people claim the service sells their l data.


What is Shaadi?

Shaadi is a dating service for the Asian audience, primarily Indians, residents of Pakistan, UAE, etc.

How much does Shaadi cost?

The registration is entirely free. You can manage your profile and browse website members with a standard account. However, communication requires premium membership that starts at $88.98 per three months.

Is Shaadi Legit?

Although Shaadi is an officially registered business, it has a shady, fraudulent reputation. The service has a poor rating on review platforms and is reported to sell its users’ private information.

Who owns Shaadi?

People Interactive, an IT company, registered in India, owns

Does Shaadi have a Mobile App?

You can use a mobile application available on app stores. It is free and compatible with both Android and iOS systems.

How do I Delete my Shaadi Account?

To delete your account, navigate to profile settings, and go to the account cancellation section. After that, press the corresponding button to delete your account.