What Oriental Beauty Means? Meet Tajikistan Women to Find Out

What Oriental Beauty Means? Meet Tajikistan Women to Find Out

The beautiful and mysterious Tajikistan brides are the ideal choice of a wife for men who consider themselves to be old-fashioned and cannot see themselves with Western feminists. Tajikistan women are humble, caring, and always have your best interests in mind.
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Tajikistan is a country of contrasts. To the present day, Tajiks live according to ancient rituals and traditions. The modern people of this country sincerely and faithfully try to observe all the customs left behind by their ancestors. People believe that following traditions will necessarily lead to a happy life. It is especially true for such essential aspects as the relationship between men and women, as well as the creation of new families.


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The lifestyle of average young Tajikistan women does not differ from the habits and hobbies of girls living in other countries of the world. They like to communicate on social networks, go shopping, and dream of great love. Only one point distinguishes them from their peers from other countries β€” a relatively small income. However, this does not prevent Tajikistan from looking beautiful. They always manage to have perfect makeup, a fresh manicure, stylish clothing, and expensive perfume. So, what are these women like?

They Are Typical Oriental Beauties

Ancient poets composed odes about the beauty of black-browed Eastern beauties, and all the charm of Tajik women was even highlighted in One Thousand and One Nights fairy tales. Although an Oriental woman should meet the traditional standard of modesty and naturalness, contemporary norms of beauty dictate particular rules. Any Tajik woman wants to look well-dressed and impressive. These beautiful, gentle, and seductive young ladies attract many men. Young Tajik women have burning eyes, sweet smiles, and seductively-parted lips.
If thick dark eyebrows became fashionable all over the world only a few years ago, black unibrow featured all beautiful Tajik women a long time ago. Even now, all girls of these people use an usma oil – an extract from a herbaceous vegetable plant. From an early age, they paint their eyebrows with it to make them blacker and denser and connect them over the bridge of the nose. Great-grandmothers of modern Tajik women believed that the closer the distance between the eyebrows of a girl, the closer her future husband would be to her.

Perhaps the weirdest Tajik ban forbids plucking eyebrows until a girl gets married. Here, it does not matter how old the girl is β€” she cannot pluck her eyebrows anyway. There are quite adequate reasons for that though. First of all, neatly plucked eyebrows are a sign of married women. If a potential suitor meets a Tajik girl somewhere, he will evaluate her not only by manners but also by eyebrows. Nobody can ask directly if she is married or not. Not plucked eyebrows are a hint that the girl is free.
Then, Islam, which is professed by most Tajiks, does not welcome any changes in the Lord’s handiwork. Local women are canonically allowed to have a pretty appearance, but at the same time, they need to find a fine line when the eyebrows are neat, but their shape is not changed.

They Are Committed to Traditions

Unspoken rules of behavior have been instilled in Tajik girls since their childhood. In the family, only a man can be the head of the household. Of course, a wife can give advice, but still, a husband always decides what to do. Without any complaints, they take all men’s responsibilities for the family when their husbands are absent for years working abroad.
Also, Tajik women cook deliciously and make everything neatly and tidily at home. Being a Tajik woman is very challenging because the family is almost entirely grounded on her efforts. She must belong in body and soul only to one man – her husband – and wait for him patiently. Otherwise, it is a shame not only to the woman but to all her relatives. According to many opinions, Tajikistan women are very hardworking, obedient, faithful, and sturdy females of the East.

They Are Calm and Level-Headed

Despite the severe living conditions, Tajikistan women often keep lively and sincere smiles on their faces. These women are unobtrusive, welcoming, and calm. Perhaps, such behavior is an acquired response to a rapidly changing habitat.
Tajikistan women can be immersed in chaos, but at the same time, they remain orderly, patient, and harmonious. No external cataclysms can shake their internal balance. These women behave as naturally as if they are in a parallel world, and the real world has nothing to do with them. In addition, a sense of humor and cheerfulness are also inherent to Tajik women.

What Are Tajikistan Brides Like?

The minimum age for creating a family in Tajikistan is 17 years. However, many cases of the marriage of minors are known – for example, due to pregnancy. There is nothing worse for a Tajik mother than a daughter who is unmarried. Young uneducated girls are considered the most desirable brides, as it is still believed that they are more obedient because of their lack of experience.
In many Tajik families, the primary task of the girl is to marry in time. Some parents think that education can interfere with this goal. Also, many girls come into informal marriages, and in some cases, their dads have other wives.
Tajikistan brides have a tradition to dye their hair, feet, nails, and palms with henna. Often, the hands and feet of Tajik brides are decorated with temporary tattoos and filigree patterns painted with a thin brush. It is believed that they bring happiness and protection from bad luck.
The Tajik wedding lasts seven days and nights. This spectacular event is preceded by preparatory rituals which take place long before the appointed date. They say the newlyweds will live separately as the wedding ends. Therefore, each parent spares no effort, time, or money to organize a magnificent and memorable festivity.

Tajikistan brides believe that pearls are no way a wedding decoration because their shape resembles tears. If the bride nevertheless dares to put them on the wedding, something bad will happen. After marriage, a young woman lives with her husband and very often with his parents. In the first 40 days after the wedding, the daughter-in-law in Tajikistan should always be dressed smartly and greet all guests coming to the house.

Where Can You Meet Tajik Brides?

In Tajikistan, where patriarchal traditions are still strong, young people are not independent in their choice of the second half. Searching for a life partner, as in the old days, is a duty of the whole family, clan, and even the community. Many matchmakers, who are typically mature women, offer their services for money.
Older locals, gathering in a teahouse or at some event, often discuss which of the young people has to get married. Then, word of mouth takes place, and delivery persons from the groom’s family begin to visit the parents of a potential bride. It usually ends up in a wedding.
Today, information technology comes to the aid for those who are seeking their second half. You can use dating websites, social networks, and instant messengers for that. True, Tajiks are still wary of dating in the virtual space, preferring to follow well-rooted national traditions. Nevertheless, time makes some adjustments, and new trends struggle with prevailing stereotypes.

How to Find a Reliable Tajik Dating Website?

It is worth registering on one of the Muslim websites to find a life partner in Tajikistan. Such dating services more strongly protect their clients and, as a rule, do not accept fake profiles and fraudulent activities. The purpose of these resources is to assist people in meeting and contacting.
Such agencies can also arrange a personal meeting after exchanging messages online with a Tajik mail order bride. Communication should take place with consent and the presence of the bride’s guardian to avoid fitnah when actions and words contradict the Qur’an.
Thus, after reading reviews about a dating site and making sure of its reliability, you can familiarize yourself with its features, navigation, technical support, and the choice of profiles. On such websites, people not only communicate but also exchange virtual gifts, play the sympathy game, read informative articles, and undergo psychological surveys.

5 Tips on Dating a Tajik Girl

If you want to meet a Tajikistan mail order bride, you should take into account some points:

  1. Tajikistan is a predominantly Muslim and rather conservative society where cohabitationΒ  of unmarried people is not approved. However, young people are allowed to meet and get to know each other better before an engagement ceremony.
  2. If you are invited to the bride’s house, you should not refuse the invitation. For Tajiks, a home should be a fortress and a separate world of harmony. These people respect food very much. So, you cannot break a piece of bread with one hand β€” this is a bad sign of misfortune for the house. If a piece of bread accidentally fell, you need to immediately raise it and touch it three times to your lips and forehead.
  3. Tajiks believe that it is impossible to eat off the knife. This way of eating makes a person angry. Tajik ancestors think that the blade is the most aggressive cutlery, and it is able to transfer negative energy to someone who would taste food off it.
  4. If the guest is invited, the lady of the house will spray some clean water upon his leaving. It is generally believed that in this way, this person will return to the house again.
  5. It is also worth noting some restrictions on marriages with foreigners in Tajikistan. Citizens of other countries can marry a local girl only after they have lived together in the country for at least one year. Also, spouses have to sign a marriage contract. A foreigner will also be required to purchase a house or an apartment for his Tajik wife.


The great sage Hafiz Shirazi wrote in the 14th century that true beauty is like a star in height, and it does not need any blush, perfume, and lipstick. These are the Tajikistan mail order brides β€” modest, dutiful, patient, and honest. Their genuine beauty lies right in these moral qualities.

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