German Brides – Attractive Mail Order Brides Willing to Meet Foreigners

German Brides – Attractive Mail Order Brides Willing to Meet Foreigners

Dating a foreign girl can be a life-changing experience, especially if you date a girl from another continent. Italians say, “The easiest way to learn the language is to fall in love with a person who speaks it”, but is it the only advantage of dating a foreign girl? Surely, it’s not: you will also widen your worldview, try out new cuisine, visit a country that you never thought of before, and so on. Imagine you are dating a German woman, exploring her Motherland together, attending Oktoberfest, walking by the Spree river in the Berlin center, and tasting bratwurst… Excited? We feel you and that’s why we prepared this overview of German brides dating. Do not hesitate to get to know these enchanted women and start meeting them today!
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Meeting German Women: Looks And Features

If you have never met single German women before, this section is a must-read for you. Below, we describe the common features and appearance of young German ladies so that you could know what to expect. 

They are attractive

German women for marriage are some of the most beautiful in Western Europe. However, you will not meet girls with duck lips, wearing sexy clothes and high heels in this country. Here, women wear only light makeup and classic clothes that emphasize their natural beauty. German mail order brides prefer minimalistic outfits and quality accessories as if “Elegance” were their second name. 
As for their appearance, German girls come in all possible sizes and shapes: you can meet short and tall, curvy and slim, blonde and brown-haired women here. Their common feature is an understanding of their strong and weak sides regarding appearance, so you will never see a woman who wears something inappropriate in German streets. 

They are sporty

The second feature of young German brides is their strive for health improvement and bodybuilding. Do not get us wrong, only a small portion of German women are professional fitness bikini girls. Still, the majority attends the gym regularly and pays a lot of attention to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. Once you meet German girls, you will see how sporty and strong they are. 

They are smart

Good education and professionalism are valued a lot in German society, that’s why local men and women are some of the most educated in Europe. The life-learning concept is very popular among Germans: young specialists do not stop studying once they graduate from colleges and universities. Instead, they continue to participate in additional training and internships to stay competitive in the job market. As you might have guessed, German brides are well-rounded and passionate about new things.

They are self-sufficient

When you meet German women, you can’t help but admire their ability to support themselves. These women never expect you to pay for them and always propose to split the bill. They are comfortable paying for their room and board on their own and do not look for men who will be the only bread-winners once they get married. German girls love their jobs so they look for a chance to continue their career even after giving birth. Thus, you should not worry about your money if you start meeting German women: they are not gold-diggers at all. 

They are looking for equality in relationships

When creating a family, modern German mail order brides are eager to have children. Yet they are not going to stay on maternity leave for a long time. Usually, they get back to work a few months after their babies are born and start contributing to the family budget with their salaries. At this time, they expect their husbands to spend a lot of time with their babies, so that their contribution to childcare could be even. Of course, there is an exception to any rule: you may be lucky to meet German woman who is willing to dedicate herself to family entirely and leave her job after marriage. However, we would not advise you to hope for that much: German girls are emancipated and career-oriented. 

They are not reserved

A popular stereotype says that Germans are too serious, reserved, and unemotional. However, it’s not true, and when you meet German girls, you see that immediately. At first sight, they may seem to be somewhat introverted, but actually, they just do not want to look annoying. Therefore, you should not take it personally if you spot a German beauty and she is not smiling back at you. She just might be thinking about her job at the moment. 

They are open-minded

German women for marriage are some of the most open-minded and liberal ones in Europe. They are tolerant of all people regardless of their looks, age, background, etc. Moreover, once you meet German woman, be ready to tell her all you know about your country, culture, and national peculiarities: she will be interested a lot in the similarities and differences between your country and Germany. Do not hesitate to encourage her to ask questions so you can get to know each other better. 

They are loyal 

The last but not least thing to keep in mind when meeting German women is their extreme loyalty to their partners. Women from Germany are not interested in short-term dating, as well as open relationships. They are ready to commit to one partner for a long time and expect them to be loyal too. Single German women may flirt with a few men, but once they start a relationship, they quit communicating with other dating candidates. 

German Brides: Effective Dating Tips 

If you want to date German women but do not know how to behave with them, there are a few things to remember: 

  1. Be genuine. No one wants to spend their time on a liar or a cheater. Therefore, chose a strategy of sincere admiration of a German bride: tell her compliments, show your attention with flowers, express your respect by polite communication and sensible approach to dating; 
  2. Do not try to impress her. Showing off even if you are filthy rich is not a way to go. To keep a German woman, you have to establish a relationship of love and understanding instead of promising to pay for everything everywhere. Yet, making reasonable promises and keeping them is a smart thing to do; 
  3. Do not be annoying. Can’t wait to have sex with that blonde beauty from Bavaria? Make sure that she wants it too first. Have you dated at least for some weeks before putting her in your bed? If not, do not be pushy. When it’s the right time, you’ll be there;
  4. Let her know if you are not into a serious relationship. It’s okay to look for some fun with no strings attached, but remember to let your German girl know that as soon as possible. Why would you make her feel uncomfortable by hiding your real expectations? That’s neither smart nor funny;
  5. Always be on time. Yes, German women are precise when it comes to arriving on time. They never come late on dates and expect their partners to do the same, so if you are a procrastinator, be sure to fight this problem before starting to date German women. 

Why Are German Women Good For Marriage?

There are three main reasons why a German mail order bride is a perfect wife material.
First, she is a great diplomat. Germain wives know how to prevent conflicts and resolve any disputes politely. They never let emotions get over them and make them fight with their loved ones. In their opinion, all claims and misunderstandings should be spoken out without blaming each other. The majority of German brides stick to this rule and never insult their husbands. 
Second, she is reliable. No German girl for marriage will leave her partner if they are ill or jobless. Instead, she will try to provide you with the necessary comfort to recover from the hardship that you are going through. However, your German mail order bride will expect the same from you, so be ready to give her a helping hand when she is in need. 

Finally, German brides are not jealous and there are two reasons for it: 

  • They are self-confident and do not have a habit of  comparing themselves with other girls;
  • They trust their partners and never check their phones, messengers, credit card history, etc. Such behavior is unacceptable to them since they respect the private space and boundaries of their boyfriends.

Why German Brides Are Dating Foreign Men?

German girls choose foreigners over local men due to the following reasons: 

  • They want to have bilingual kids. Since German wives are family-oriented and aim at providing the best education to their children, they often prefer dating and starting a family with a foreigner. This allows them to raise bilingual kids who will be native speakers of two languages. Speaking mother’s and father’s tongues from a young age will open doors to many more schools, colleges, and universities for German women’s children. Thus, they will be able to get a better education and job opportunities after graduation;
  • They travel a lot, so they have more opportunities to meet foreigners. An average German single woman travels abroad at least three times a year for the vacation, while the number of business trips within the EU is even harder to estimate. As you might have guessed, they have enormous possibilities to meet their partners during these travels;
  • They are just curious. As we already pointed out, German mail order brides are open-minded and free from stereotypes; that’s why they easily meet different people and keep in touch with them for a long time. You can approach them anywhere: in the airport, during the excursion or a business forum, and start a small talk. You never know where your fate will find you. 

German Mail Order Brides: Where And How To Meet Them?

There are many ways to meet German woman nowadays, and it is up to you to decide which one is the best for you. You can travel to the country to start dating local girls there or try to find your Mrs. Right in your home city. You may be even lucky to meet her somewhere during your vacation. However, there is a cheaper way to meet German women – online dating. Its advantages include the ability to meet brides every day without any effort: all you need to do is just register and start liking suggested girls’ profiles. If you manage to create an attractive profile, German girls will text you and look for a chance to date you. Below, you can see a short guide on how to create an informative profile : 

  1. Find a proper dating platform. Read reviews, do not hesitate to ask your friends a bit of advice, watch overviews on Youtube. Compare prices and features to choose the best option for your needs. Do not forget to read at least the refund policy and guarantees section before sign-up;
  2. Fill out your profile. Add as much information as possible to make your page look tempting: mention your interests, field of expertise, expectations, and dreams. However, remember about your safety and do not publish your address and phone number;
  3. Upload quality pictures. Pick a snapshot that reveals your personality best but does not demonstrate your income. Avoid posting pictures with your car, house, and other property. It will help you to stay out of a fraud’s sight. 


Now you know what it takes to start dating German girls for marriage, including their features and expectations, so it will not be hard for you to conquer them. All you have to do is identify the most convenient way of meeting German women and take action. Finally, below is a short comparison of German women with American ladies for you to compare these findings:
German women are more loyal than American girls. They do not look for one-night stands or hookups with random guys. They are interested in long-term dating; German brides are more educated than American women. You can hardly meet a girl without higher education in Germany; German brides are more independent than American ladies. The latter are comfortable with their boyfriends paying for them, while German girls prefer splitting the bills.

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