British Brides: What Makes British Mail Order Brides So Hard To Resist?

British Brides: What Makes British Mail Order Brides So Hard To Resist?

Great Britain is one of the most famous countries in the world, but most people are mostly familiar with its rich history, beautiful architecture, and the current political situation, while the fantastic English women are often overlooked in favor of the better-known European brides. However, mail order British brides have enough attractive qualities to make you fall in love with them from the first sight. If you want to know what British brides are like and how to meet British singles without leaving the comfort of your own home, then our guide is a must-see for you.
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Even if you are not a particularly avid traveler or geopolitical expert, Great Britain probably does not need an introduction. It’s one of the first countries we learn about as kids and many of us dream of visiting it as adults. If you are a single man who has been putting off a British vacation for years now, we have one more reason to put it on your to-visit list. The beautiful English women have everything you could ever want to see in your future wife, and even more importantly, many of them are completely open to the idea of getting married to a foreigner and moving abroad.

British Women for Marriage: 5 Best Things About Them

Dating English women is one thing, but British brides save the best for last, which means you can only experience the full scale of their personality once you become their lawful husband. If you are currently dating British girl and want to put a ring on that finger, or if you are still wondering whether you should date British women and marry them at all, here are 5 most amazing things about British mail order brides that will make you long for a marriage to them.

They are loyal beyond belief

British wives may take a while to find their ideal partner, but once they do, they make sure he never goes away. A British wife understands the importance of loyalty in any relationship, let alone marriage that is designed to last for many years. British brides are completely monogamous and they expect the same from you. 
When a British lady is happily married, even the thought of infidelity will never cross her mind. At the same time, learning about her husband being unfaithful can be extremely devastating to a British woman, so you should never subject her to anything like that.

They are not fully dependent on men

Unlike many other mail order brides, a British woman does not marry for money. Most brides from Great Britain you meet already have an established career and they will be in no rush to let it go after marriage. Even after moving to your country, your British wife will try her best to find a job and make a contribution to the family budget. 

It means that your family will not only be able to afford more thanks to having considerably more money, but you will also have more things to discuss after work and prevent your relationship from going stale due to one partner working and the other sitting at home all day.

They are great with money

We don’t know if it’s a genetic feature of British women or something they learn during years of working and supporting themselves financially, but they are surprisingly thrifty. A British wife always knows the best place to buy anything to save money. She is able to control her shopping impulses and will never overspend on something the family doesn’t really need. 
You can safely entrust your family budget to your British wife and you will always know the money is in good hands. Saving up for a new home, car, or vacation is easy when you are married to a financially sensible British girl.

They make the most considerate mothers

Motherhood is not the only thing British brides think about, as with a full-time career, an active social life, and with lots of hobbies and interests, she has enough on her plate already. However, a happy long-term relationship and marriage will never seem complete to a British lady if there aren’t any children. 
Giving birth to a baby in a loving marriage is a completely logical next step for a British wife and something she genuinely wants to do. British mothers are not overbearing, but they are exceptionally caring and know exactly how to raise children into happy and accomplished individuals.

They always know what to do to have fun

Marriage to a British wife can be a lot of things, but it’s never boring. When you and your spouse both work a lot, you only have evenings and weekends to spend with each other, and this is where British brides truly shine. They are fine with just staying at home and watching Netflix over a cup of tea from time to time.

But when you are both in the mood for something special, your British wife has got you covered. British brides are always aware of the trendy spots to visit even after they’ve moved to another country and you will forget what it’s like to feel bored when you date British women.

Why Go For British Brides?

When researching European, Asian, or Latin American brides, you can often see that they share a lot of important qualities, so if you are a fan of, say, Asian beauty, you can safely go with any Asian country in your search for a perfect bride, since their personalities and attitudes will typically be the same. 
However, that is not the case with British mail order brides, who have enough unique qualities to stand out among all other foreign women for marriage. Here are just five of the best qualities of British Brides that will make you want to meet British girls as soon as possible.

They are naturally beautiful

British brides are rarely named among the prettiest girls on the planet, but that’s only because their beauty is completely natural and they don’t go to great length to make sure everyone notices it. British girls are happy with their appearance, but they rarely resort to heavy makeup, vibrant hair dye, or plastic surgery to highlight their beauty. 

Instead, they prefer to wear neutral makeup and natural hair colors. They may not look as striking as some other foreign women for marriage, but after you spend some time with an English lady, you will begin appreciating her subtle beauty even more.

They are well-read and intelligent

Education and intelligence are two huge virtues in British society and every family puts in a lot of work to supply their daughters with high-quality school and university education. Plus, British girls are naturally hungry for knowledge and many of them become bookworms early in their lives. 
A typical British bride always has something interesting on her reading list, begins her morning with reading the latest news, and is well-familiar with art, literature, and other things that comprise an educated person’s intellectual baggage. That is why you can discuss anything in the world with your British mail order bride and be impressed with your intelligence time after time.

A relationship with a British bride isn’t one-sided

With many foreign women, a relationship can feel very one-sided: you put in all the work, show signs of attention, give nice gifts and initiate discussions about the future only to see minimal interest and involvement from your other half. That is not something you will experience when dating a British girl. 
When a British woman is interested in a man and wants the relationship to advance, she will make sure to let him notice it. When two people are equally invested in romance, it feels much more fulfilling and creates a stronger foundation for marriage.

They have a great sense of humor

The British sense of humor is a subject of many legends, and it also has a rather controversial reputation. It’s said that you either get British humor or you don’t, and there is no in-between. If you belong to the huge group of people who understand and love the British sense of humor, you will feel even closer to your British bride. 
These women share the same dry and clever approach to humor and can often make the most unexpected joke that will make you laugh for ages. Sharing a similar sense of humor also means you will be able to enjoy the same TV shows, movies, and stories, which will strengthen the bond in your couple.

They don’t have a lot of ex-partners

British girls are very modern-thinking individuals and they usually have some dating experience by the time they get married, considering they are usually ready to settle down in their late 20s or early 30s. However, British brides never date someone just for the sake of not being alone. They need to feel a real attraction to a man and connect with him on many levels.
That doesn’t happen too often, which is why a typical British mail order bride only has one or two former partners before she ties the knot with her beloved man. It means that a British bride won’t compare you to her exes all the time or tell you stories about her former relationships. When a British woman gets married, she is ready to start with a clean slate.

Why British Brides Choose to Date Foreigners

Many foreign mail order brides have similar reasons for choosing foreigners as their potential partners: in addition to simply being attracted to foreign guys, they also believe they can build a better life for themselves and their future children if they move to a better-developed country where the economic situation is more stable and women are generally treated better than in many Asian and Latin American countries.
However, that is not the case with English mail order brides, who already live in one of the most prosperous countries in the world and have everything they could ever need at home. The main reason why British mail order brides want to meet foreign husbands is that they want to explore life outside of their home country. They are adventurous, not afraid of any challenges, and willing to put in the work needed to make a new country feel like home. 
So when you meet British girl who wants to marry you, you can rest assured she isn’t doing it for the money or social status. British brides are only doing it for love, which means your relationship and marriage will get the most solid foundation and will last for many happy decades as well as you both invest some effort into making it perfect.

How to Meet a Beautiful British Woman?

Great Britain is one of the most fascinating countries in the world and is definitely worth visiting as a tourist. However, if you are already one click away from booking your tickets to the UK, we need to warn you: while it’s impossible to have a bad time as a British tourist, it’s also far from the most effective way to meet British women with the prospect of marriage for several reasons:

  • The women you meet in Great Britain may be already in relationships or simply unwilling to abandon their life in the UK to move to your country as a bride.
  • Great Britain is too big and diverse of a country to see it all in one trip, and when you are only visiting major cities like London and Edinburgh, you substantially limit your dating options.
  • When you meet British ladies in their home country, they can give you a warm welcome and spend a lovely time with you until your vacation is over, but it will be hard for them to see you as anything else but a fling partner instead of a potential husband.


Dating a British girl can be a fantastic time in any man’s life, but you can only experience the magic of British women if you marry one of them. The good news is that you can find your future wife and charm her without leaving your home. If you are wondering what are the best sites to look for your British wife or how to make sure she sees you as attractive marriage material, make sure to check our British mail order bride site reviews and tips on dating foreign women online and in person!

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