What Should You Know about Icelandic Women and Where to Meet Them?

What Should You Know about Icelandic Women and Where to Meet Them?

Iceland is one of the most distant and mysterious European countries, but there is nothing distant and mysterious about Icelandic brides. The women of Iceland are gorgeous, athletic, and eager to make their man happier than ever before.
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Iceland is a small island with a population of only 320,000 inhabitants, which was colonized by the Vikings in the distant past. Oral tradition says that they named this land icy so that other conquerors did not want to come here. Due to volcanic activity, this country has an amazing green landscape in the summertime, when the sun never sets below the horizon.
The fabulous country of Iceland has breathtaking landscapes, black sand beaches, active volcanoes, impressive waterfalls, thermal springs, beautiful wooden churches, and aurora borealis in the sky. Iceland is one of the most unpolluted territories in the world with crystal clear water and pristine nature.

Iceland is known not only for its picturesque landscapes with mountains and clean rivers but also for its stunning women. Men from different countries call Icelandic women ice and mysterious princesses. Icelandic ladies have incredible traits that make them very attractive to thousands of men.

Scandinavian Beauty

Icelandic women and girls are remarkable and gorgeous. In the entire history of Miss World contests, four winners were from Iceland. Therefore, Icelandic girls have a world-famous reputation for beauty queens. The reason why Icelandic women are so beautiful is partly due to their Scandinavian genetic, perfect food quality, and a healthy lifestyle in a pure environment. However, Icelandic women are very tired of such passionate attention of men. 
Icelandic girls look healthy with fresh and flawless skin. You can easily drown in their deep blue or green eyes, and their blond hair shines in the sun as brightly as their sincere white-toothed smiles. They exude happiness and charm, regardless of whether they use makeup or not. Leading an active lifestyle, they get enough rest and sleep. 

Strength and Independence

Iceland is a country with a developed economy, and wages here are as high as the cost of living. Recently, Iceland was named the best country in the world for women. Strong and practical women live here. They are free to make any decisions related to their life, and they have equal rights with men.
If men in Iceland are Vikings, then Icelandic women are Valkyries. Previously, they used even to fight side by side with men. Also, Icelandic women had to stay home while their men were absent. Quite often, their husbands did not return and died at sea. Women should have been able to fully take care of their homes, children, and domestic animals. They were able to do everything that men usually did.
Today, this country has the highest level of social security in the world, and Icelandic wives often earn more than men. Modern couples raise children together. When women take classes at educational institutions, their husbands change diapers for kids. 


This country leads the world rankings in terms of gender parity. It is the result of a long struggle of women for their rights. Female activity is an Icelandic specialty. Most of the women from Iceland consider themselves as feminists because they believe in financial independence and willingly take part in politics, public activities, and sports. Young Icelandic women know what they want and that they can fulfill their dreams.

Some people are afraid of local feminism, but there is no reason to think they are aggressive. If women protested, then they had logical reasons for that. People do not complain without any reason. However, whatever the evil tongues may say, a typical Icelandic woman is simple, kind, and loyal.

Attitude to Marriage

It is hard to please these women from ice and fire. They are in search of real men with whom they can have a family and children. They like to get to know and learn something new about the culture of another country before they can marry a foreigner and start a family. At the same time, Icelandic wives have a fairly loose attitude to marriage.
Most often, sexy Icelandic girls are in no hurry to get married. These ladies consider marriage as a formal act for solving some issues with the lineage continuity. In many cases, Iceland women can happily live with their men in a civil way and organize an official marriage ceremony only after the child’s birth. They always position themselves as independent persons having the right to manage their lives and relax as they want.

Despite the general stereotype, women of Iceland cannot imagine their lives without a family. These women are famous for their thoughtful attitude toward family issues. Most Icelandic women maintain their family values from generation to generation. Marrying an Icelandic woman is like meeting a close friend who is equal to you in all rights and possibilities. Even if a family breaks up, then, as a rule, both parents are equally involved in raising their children.

Directness and Honesty

One of the essential reasons why Icelandic mail brides are so attractive is that they are straightforward. Unlike other countries, Iceland does not have many rules in society that must be followed. Icelanders are reasonably down-to-earth and sincere persons. They will not hesitate to point out your behavioral mistakes in a polite but firm way.
If an Icelandic woman says she invites you to her house, this means a real invitation and not just empty words. Then, if you made an appointment for her at 7 p.m. and you are late, she will not wait longer than a few minutes. She will always value her time and appreciate her independence. Since childhood, Iceland girls are accustomed to the order, and this habit can gradually turn into pedantry. An Icelandic woman has a crystal clear understanding of what she wants from life. 

Good Education

If you are looking for a smart and well-educated woman, then Icelandic women are the best choice for you. Most women from this small northern country are well educated due to the excellent education system in the country. From early childhood, they learn English, besides their native Icelandic language. Older people are fluent in Danish. Many Icelanders also speak well French, German, and Norwegian.
Iceland ranks first in the world in the number of books per capita. The local population is very fond of reading in different languages. Perhaps this habit has been preserved since those days when there was nothing to do during long winter nights. An interesting fact is that every Icelandic woman takes it for duty to write and publish at least one book in her life.

What Are Icelandic Brides Like? 

The traditional wedding dress of Icelandic brides is black. Sometimes this dress is blue or bright white. It is richly decorated with gold or silver patterns. On the head, they have a traditional white shawl with a metal hoop. However, modern Icelandic brides most often wear a white dress and get married in the church.
During the wedding ceremony, led by a Lutheran priest, the bride and groom utter words of fidelity and respect, and also swear to love forever in joy and sorrow. This day, newlyweds often go to waterfalls or other beautiful natural places. Photos of such a wedding are lovely!
More often than not, Icelandic brides do not mind moving to another country. It can be explained by their desire to explore the world outside their native island and learn a lot about the culture of other countries. At the same time, a bride from Island will not put money, and her social stability above love.

Where Can You Meet Single Icelandic Ladies?

Of course, it is worth visiting the beautiful island of Iceland as a tourist and meeting a gorgeous young woman there. However, Icelandic girls rarely visit noisy public places such as pubs and nightclubs. Therefore, meeting and talking with an Icelandic girl just on the street is not a very easy task.
A more practical way to find the right Icelandic woman is to contact a reliable online agency. Among the thousands of registered users, you can meet the girl of your dreams. When you chat with her and get to know her better, you can invite her for a meeting anywhere, and the dating agency in Iceland can arrange an appointment for you. What could be better than a romantic date in a cozy place of hospitable Reykjavik?

How to Find a Reliable Icelandic Dating Website?

Some international dating websites specialize in mail-order brides from Iceland. Look at the reviews of each of them and choose the site that you like the most. Using such agencies to search for an Icelandic bride is a guarantee of security since all women’s profiles are carefully checked. Also, it is an excellent opportunity to start building solid relationships based on mutual respect.
Register on the site and post your photo on it. Your picture should be perfect because Icelandic girls will judge what kind of person you are from it. Do not hide your eyes behind sunglasses. The eyes are the mirror of your soul, and the girls would like to see them. In your profile, you can list your favorite activities, hobbies, books, movies, and music. All of these criteria will allow other members to find you.

5 Tips on Dating an Icelandic Girl

The first meeting with a beautiful Icelandic girl requires some preparation. Here are some points you need to take into consideration:

  1. Iceland girls are supporters of gender equality, and this point dramatically affects their character. All these ladies will be happy to talk with you about many topics, especially about lifestyle, nature, sports, and culture. However, it is better to avoid discussing religion and sex.
  2. Show respect for the girl and listen to what she says. Allow her to make some decisions. The most crucial factor that Icelandic women pay attention to is the openness and sincere feelings of a man.
  3. Iceland brides are hardly ready for a relationship if the man is very greedy. So, pay the bill for dinner, but if she insists, then halving the expenses will be an acceptable solution.
  4. One of the contradictory character traits of young Icelandic women is their carefree and straightforward attitude toward dating formats. Unlike most European girls, Icelandic ladies simply do not have high expectations from a first date. You should not expect that the girl makes a love confession after the first meeting with you.
  5. If you give her flowers, of course, she will like it. However, they do not attach much importance to flowers, sweets, clubs, and restaurants. If you both realize at some moment that you are happy being together, then she will not mind starting to live with you.


The innate optimism and self-control of women of Iceland are ideal qualities for creating a family. They have a reasonable desire to be happy. They know for sure that unnecessary emotions will only harm your relationship. So, when such a woman is with you, it is your perfect opportunity to become a truly happy individual.