What are Taiwanese Women Like – Dating Girls from Taiwan

What are Taiwanese Women Like – Dating Girls from Taiwan

You may have a certain image of a typical Asian bride in your head, but Taiwanese brides will break every stereotype the minute you meet them. These delicate and gorgeous women are incredibly strong and ambitious in addition to being amazing wives.
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Like many Asian cultures, Taiwanese one is unique and fascinating. One of the main features of Taiwan that encourages lots of tourists every year is its girls. Natural and exotic beauties are extremely popular thanks to their lifestyle and values. So here are the main insights you need to know before meeting the Taiwanese ladies. 

Taiwanese women combine the qualities of opposed Japanese and American girls. But their soul is a real trove of true Chinese wisdom and depth.
In the long struggle for gender equality around the world, Taiwan can be an example of rapid success. Today, Taiwanese women help to boost the Taiwanese economy and encourage the younger generation.


There are few spas or beauty salons in Taiwan. Instead of them, Taiwanese women like a traditional an-mo massage. Men, by the way, don’t mind having this massage after work too.
If a Taiwanese woman decides to take care of her beauty and health, she visits hot springs. The culture of bathing in hot springs came up in Taiwan from Japan. Such procedures have a healing effect on skin and muscles, so on weekends, Taiwanese girls often go to small resorts scattered all over the island.


Fitness centers are not extremely popular in Taiwan. But every block in Taiwan’s cities has a park. Parks have become a center of sports activities for Taiwanese women. Even small parks have necessary fitness equipment and a track to walk or run.
A lot of groups of Taiwanese girls gather together every morning to practice dancing, yoga, or any other sports activities. These classes can be individual, group, and family.


Taiwanese women hardly ever go on diets. If a local woman decides to lose weight, she does it in an extremely exotic way. For example, she tries to lose weight by eating chips.
Every city in Taiwan has its specific cuisine. However, the common types of dishes are still the same – rice and noodles.
One of the most popular local dishes is “lou wei”. It is usually sold in tiny street restaurants, where in front of the visitor lay a variety of foods – meat, vegetables, eggs, dumplings, noodles. Taiwanese people love spicy food, so almost everything they eat is with lots of chili pepper. 

Family values

The parents’ opinion still has great importance, while Taiwanese women chose their soulmate. A lot of girls in Taiwan prefer not to get married at all, making a career or doing business instead.
The divorce rate has increased dramatically as the Taiwan government accepted men’s and women’s equality. Nowadays, there is at least one divorce out of three couples in Taiwan. 
Childbirth in Taiwan is associated with several interesting customs. Many women stop washing their heads a month before the birth of a child. It is believed that they can easily catch a cold during this time. 
Even though medicine is at a high level in Taiwan, some women prefer to give birth at home not to spoil the baby. The mother and child are not separated during the first month. The father is not allowed to look at the baby. During this time, the woman is supported by her relatives, who bring food and take care of her and her baby. She eats a lot of particular products in the first few days after childbirth, such as pork hoof soup or mussel broth.

What are Taiwanese Brides Like?

Like most Asians, Taiwan brides have thick, straight black hair. But almost all girls dream of having curly hair. That’s why they often dye them in blonde tones and make a perm. Some girls want to look like anime characters and can dye their hair in extremely colorful shades such as pink or green.
However, it is usually challenging for them to achieve the desired color. So a girl who wants to change what is given by nature can spend half a day in a beauty salon.

Skin whitening products are in high demand among Taiwanese women. They are used in various forms – from face masks to shower gels. To maintain the whiteness of the skin, some girls wear swimsuits that cover up the body and even part of the face at the beach. Regarding makeup, the island women use it a lot. It is always bright and colorful. Taiwanese girls apply a unique colorless overlay to the upper eyelid to make their eyes visually bigger than they are. They also use red, purple, yellow, and green eyelashes to make their eyes vivid. Colored lenses are popular among Taiwanese brides too.
Japanese cosmetics are the most popular in Taiwan. The local products are in demand among young people because of its low price. 
Fashion trends in Taiwan come mainly from Japan, Korea, the United States, and Europe. If any fashion style of clothes or makeup becomes popular in Japan, it will reach Taiwan in a week. For example, this season, Japanese women wear clothes with a vintage “Victorian flower” design, and the streets of Taiwan are already full of the same.
From a European perspective, Taiwanese women dress incredibly tasteless and do not know how to combine colors. Island women like to dress up fancy, wearing everything in a row: lace shorts with a knitted sweater and a knitted vest on top. They can go to a party, college, or even work like this. 
The capital’s fashion girls keep the mark and hunt for the Louis Vuitton bag, while southerners can easily dress up at the local market for 200 Taiwanese dollars and be proud of their economy.

Where can you meet single Taiwanese ladies?

Whenever you decide to get connected with Taiwanese ladies, there is always one question: where can you meet them? 
Like all singles, girls in Taiwan like shopping, dancing, and traveling. The nightclub is probably the top place to meet these ladies. However, if you are looking for a serious relationship, you will hardly find women ready for this. They mostly want to dance and relax after a hard day.
If you have no success meeting the Taiwanese girls in the streets throughout the day or night, consider online dating websites. This is one of the most popular ways to find your soulmate worldwide. Most of the girls registered on dating platforms seek their partners to spend the rest of their lives together with. Besides, this is the perfect way to find Taiwan mail order brides without leaving your home. 

How to find a Reliable Taiwanese Dating Website? 

The first time on the online dating website could be extremely odd and confusing. How to choose a reliable dating platform to make this experience positive and successful? There are several tips to follow below:

Free registration 

Among the major dating sites, there are specific rules of decency. A reliable website will never charge you for registration. You will be given a free option to register your profile and test the functionality of the resource. Only scammers demand money without showing their product.

Privacy policy

Usually, after filling in the main form, you can be asked to read the terms of the privacy policy. Do not disregard reading such an important document. Dating websites cannot share your data with third parties. You also should be able to set limited access to the profile. Reliable services do not allow viewing profiles for unregistered users. 

Search filters 

The reliable dating website should also include search filters to eliminate inappropriate candidates. This feature saves you time and allows you to seek the members according to your preferences, lifestyle, and hobbies. 

Profiles quality

A reliable dating site is closely connected with the quality of profiles. Lots of fake profiles can be easily detected by the same information presented in different patterns. Scammers do not hire a lot of staff to. That’s why hundreds of similar profiles can identify poor services.

Content rules

Legal websites have special systems for tracking inappropriate content. There should also be customer service that can help you with different issues while using the dating platform. On the reliable sites, users can’t post any intimate photos, animated avatars, or upload celebrities’ photos in their profiles. It is forbidden to use bad words, encourage violence, and promote international discord or sex services in general chats. 

3 Tips on Dating a Taiwanese Girl

Even though most Asian countries have the same traditions and values, their women could have a lot of differences. In contrast with Asian women of other cultures, Taiwanese ladies are refreshingly proactive when it comes to building a relationship. So whenever you decide to go on a date with a Taiwanese girl, there are a couple of tips to follow to make your evening perfect. 

Remain open-minded

Taiwan women can be thoughtful during the date. However, they are very friendly and open-minded. That’s why Taiwanese girls expect you to be the same. 

Don’t be afraid of cultural misunderstanding

If you’re not too familiar with the culture of Taiwan, don’t let this scare you during the date. Taiwanese girls are taught to respect all cultures and nations, so this should not be an issue for you. 

Try to learn the local language

If you plan to spend some time in Taiwan, or you’re looking for serious relationships, do not limit yourself to women who speak English only. Try to immerse yourself in the culture and language as best as you can.


No matter where you meet Taiwanese girls, you will get an exciting experience while communicating with them. Knowing all the insights about their preferences, hobbies, and lifestyle can simplify the process of seeking your soulmate in Taiwan. The main thing in this complicated challenge is to be prepared in advance and impress your partner on the next date. 

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