New Tips From Experts: How to Date Bulgarian Brides Like a Pro?

New Tips From Experts: How to Date Bulgarian Brides Like a Pro?

International dating has become widespread even before COVID-19 hit the world. Thousands of people managed to meet each other in the last twenty years, so why shouldn’t you try your luck too? For example, meeting Bulgarian brides is now much more simple than you can imagine: there is no need to travel to Bulgaria to hang out with local girls anymore. All you need to do is just find a reliable Bulgarian dating site and start meeting women online. Below, we provide you with the most up-to-date information on how to draw Bulgarian women’s attention and make them want to date you. Besides this, you will find out the distinctive features of Bulgarian women and their reasons for choosing foreigners to be their partners for life.
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Who Are Bulgarian Brides?

Now, let’s take a look at the characteristics of women of Bulgaria that make them interesting for foreigners.

They are reliable friends

First of all, Bulgarian brides know how to make friends and keep them for a long time. They are reliable, fun, and caring, which makes people want to stay and communicate with them daily. Bulgarian mail order brides are committed to their friends: they don’t share their secrets, don’t gossip, and always support their close ones. Even if you don’t manage to date Bulgarian girls, having them as friends will be great.


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They are loyal girlfriends and wives

Another feature that makes Bulgarian women desirable in their country and overseas is their loyalty to their partners. They prefer to have only one partner for a lifetime or, at least, for a long time, and stay loyal to them despite possible misunderstandings. That’s why men travel to Bulgaria from the USA, Canada, and Western countries to meet local women. Besides this, Bulgarian mail order brides are also great at housekeeping and cooking.

They are caring mothers

Children are respected members of modern Bulgarian society. Local people love them a lot, and accept their behavior as is, without the desire to demand acting well. Bulgarian parents think that loving children and having quality time with them are the most important thing to help them grow up happy. Thus, Bulgarian women for marriage spend a lot of time with their kids while they are babies, and continue to develop their social, physical, and intellectual skills as they are getting older. Bulgarian girls are some of the kindest and positive mothers you can find in Europe.

They are smart students and responsible colleagues

Finally, beautiful Bulgarian women are very smart and responsible. Their attitude to their self-development, studying, and work is beyond the most demanding: they always want to reach perfection at what they do. This is not because of the desire to prove to everyone that they deserve what they get, but due to their sense of purpose and a certain plan they want to achieve in life. Therefore, if you ever happen to have business contacts with Bulgarian women, you will love their persistence, responsibility, and the ability to take on a lot of tasks and carry them out on time. The same applies to relationships: Bulgarian mail order brides respect their partners enough to behave fairly with them and keep their promises.

Characteristics of Bulgarian Women

  • They are outgoing and friendly.

Communicating with Bulgarian mail order brides is easy. These women have a good sense of humor and can find a common language with everyone thanks to their positivity and wide outlook. They are not afraid to meet new people and make friends even at work, and it influences their career pretty well: they are aces in networking and building business ties with other professionals in their field of expertise. Therefore, you will love communicating with Bulgarian girls, be it for business or personal purposes;

  • They are fond of a healthy lifestyle.

If you have ever been to Bulgaria, you should have noticed how fit local women are. They are sporty, flexible, and very attractive physically due to the active lifestyle they follow. Bulgarian brides love yoga, gym, and beach volleyball, so their bodies are strong and sexy. Besides this, their mood is always positive since the physical activity and smart diet keep their hormones balanced. As a result, your Bulgarian mail order bride is a calm, optimistic, and nice lover who does not want to fight;

  • They adore swimming.

The special place in the lives of beautiful Bulgarian women is taken by swimming. Since Bulgaria is a sunny country on a Black Sea shore, local people learn to swim from a young age. Some of them even decide to pursue this sport professionally,  but the majority do it for fun and to keep strong and healthy. If you are into swimming as well, you are likely to have at least one topic for a discussion with a Bulgarian woman. If you’re not, you still can ask your Bulgarian girlfriend to teach you and get closer thanks to this activity. As you can see, finding a topic to talk about with Bulgarian brides is easy even for a foreigner;

  • They are into fashion.

Bulgaria is a warm and nice country where people love to dress up and show off their outfits. That’s why local girls are fond of fashion and following the latest trends in beach and street fashion. To emphasize their beauty, Bulgarian girls choose natural light fabrics, unusual combinations of clothes, and bright accessories. With the light makeup and elegant shoes, the looks of Bulgarian mail order brides are always up to the point and never out of style. If the appearance of your potential partner is important to you, choose Bulgarian women for dating;

  • They are attractive and feminine.

As you might have guessed from the previous paragraph, Bulgarian women for marriage are feminine and very beautiful. Their natural beauty does not require bright makeup to be noticed since local women are tanned, dark-haired, and fit. Their skin is smooth and their eyes are deep and expressive. Daily, Bulgarian women rarely wear bright lip glosses or eyeshadows: instead, they choose nude colors to emphasize their natural facial features and lip color. Overall, Bulgarian girls look feminine and elegant and it’s not only about the clothes: they treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Where Can You Meet Bulgarian Women?

Below, you can find our list of top places to meet Bulgarian brides:

  • Sofia. The capital city offers a wide range of places to go, from parks and museums to restaurants and cafes. It is up to you to decide where to go. The most popular party places are Yalta Club, Gotham Club, and RockIt;
  • Varna. One of the most crowded beach cities in Bulgaria, Varna has places for dating during the day and nightlife as well. We suggest that you visit Planet Club, Club Horizont, and Xtravaganzza;
  • Pleven. Another city where you can meet many single Bulgarian mail order brides offers a few party places for you to check, e.g. Klub Jim Beam, Havana Bar, and Club 35 Pleven.

How To Date a Bulgarian Bride?

  • If you like her, call her the next day after the first date.

Did you like the time you spent on a first date with your Bulgarian mail order bride? If you did, don’t wait any longer to let her know about that. Maybe, in your country, it’s okay to wait a few days before calling her out on a second date, but it’s not typical for Bulgarian dating: in this country, people are sincere enough to ask for a second date at the end of the first one. So consider making it clear immediately for your Bulgarian girl if you are about to see her again soon;

  • Take her home after the date.

Another peculiarity of the Bulgarian dating culture that you may consider awkward or old-fashioned is still relevant in Bulgaria. Once your date is over, offer driving your girlfriend home or taking a taxi for her to make sure she gets home safe. This is not because of safety issues in Bulgaria (there are none), but just to demonstrate that you care about your girl;

  • Organize unusual dates.

Going out for a coffee together is not considered a date anymore in Bulgaria. Local girls prefer men who can offer something more exciting than just a cup of latte with dessert. Therefore, take your time to think about the kind of fun you will do during your first dates to impress your Bulgarian mail order bride and show your interest in her;

  • Pay the bill.

Another chivalry feature in Bulgaria is paying the bill on your first dates. Even if your Bulgarian bride offers to pay for herself, refuse it, and pay for both of you. Such a step will show that you are a man of serious intentions who knows Bulgarian dating rules. Isn’t it what you aim for?

  • Be ready to offer something more than just words.

Bulgarian women have heard a lot of sweet lies and empty promises before they met you, so weigh your words when you approach them. Remember that they will evaluate whether you fit them based on your actions, not words. Thus, better talk less but put all effort into showing your real affection;

  • Meeting parents does not mean that your relationship is serious while meeting her friends does.

Since parents are some of the most valuable people in the lives of Bulgarian mail order brides, introducing their partners to them is a popular thing. They do it because they think that their parents should know who their boyfriends are. At the same time, introducing a new boyfriend to the gang of old friends is a much more important step than meeting parents. So when the time to meet them comes, be sure you are ready to demonstrate all the best features of your personality;

  • Cheating is not acceptable in Bulgaria.

Last but not least is the attitude towards cheaters in Bulgaria: they are not respected at all. Thus, you should not even think of trying to find another girl while you are dating a Bulgarian woman. If your loved one finds out you are cheating, she will break up with you immediately.

Why Do Bulgarian Brides Want To Date Foreigners?

They are looking for a partner to respect them

Bulgarian women are looking for men who understand the importance of respect in relationships. They want their partners to be kind and thoughtful to avoid potential conflicts and misunderstandings. Also, they want to date men who are as liberal as American men since Bulgarian men are more conservative and less flexible. The perfect relationship for a Bulgarian mail order bride is the equal one.

They are curious about living with a foreign partner in their country

Many Bulgarian women want to meet a foreigner who will be ready to live with them in Bulgaria. This is because only a few women are brave enough to leave their home country to travel overseas, but still, they are open to relationships with international men.

They don’t see their future in Bulgaria

Due to the average level of life in Bulgaria and the lack of career opportunities in certain fields, Bulgarian women are looking for a chance to move out. Marriage with a foreigner helps to get used to a new country and become a member of a new society easier. Therefore, many Bulgarian brides get married to men from other European countries or the USA, spend some time with them in Bulgaria, and then move to the countries of their husbands’ residence.


Now, you understand how dating Bulgarian women looks like, so you can start meeting these girls online without a trace of fear. Just pick a reliable Bulgarian dating website, sign up for a free account, and start texting girls you see online. We bet you’ll find your partner soon!

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