Everything You Wanted To Know About Dating Belgium Women

Everything You Wanted To Know About Dating Belgium Women

Belgium brides are often overlooked when it comes to European women, but you only need to see their beautiful appearance and cheerful personality once to realize they are exactly who you’ve been waiting for all your life.
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Dating is one of the most interesting experiences in life. Meeting a new person who shares your goals, dreams and views is what everyone aims at. Spending time together watching movies, traveling, and trying new things makes both people happy and more open-minded than they were before, especially if they represent different cultures and have different backgrounds. We invite you to get to know more about Belgian women and encourage you to use our guide in your dating process to make it easier. 


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1. Impressive appearance

The outer beauty of Belgium girls is one of the most popular reasons why men from all over the world travel to Belgium to find a girlfriend or wife. 
Local women have mostly blond or light brown hair and hazel or grey eyes. They are not tall, so if a little height of a woman is important for you, you will meet such a woman in Belgium. Their facial features are gentle and Belgian ladies know how to emphasize them with cosmetics. Still, they do not wear bright makeup. So if you don’t like women to use much of the lipstick or blush, Belgium brides are the perfect fit for you. 
One more thing you have to know about women of this country is that they love fashion and follow most of the current trends to look stylish. They have a good taste in clothes and jewelry so you will never have to worry that your Belgian girlfriend might dress up not to the point. They know how to mix styles of clothes, choose a nice handbag and a pair of shoes for any occasion, so the only thing you will have to tell her in advance is the place where you are about to go for a date. 
The last but probably the most pleasant thing for you to know is that despite the love for fashion and style, ladies in Belgium never spend a lot of time dressing up. You will hardly ever have to wait for hours until she is ready to go out with you. Thus, if you look for a beautiful lady who does not need much time to prepare for the date or a weekend journey, a Belgian girl is the one for you.

2. Intelligence 

Education is a very popular investment for Belgians. Local families spend a lot of money to educate their children, so the second thing you will notice while communicating with a Belgian woman is that she is very smart. She is aware of world events, and her wide outlook allows her to understand world politics and international relations. She loves to read and explore new things, she is open-minded and loves to travel. This makes her highly perceptive of different cultures and traditions. 
Belgian ladies never stop learning. Even if she has a degree in her field of expertise, she is constantly visiting trainings, workshops, and conferences to learn new things and broaden knowledge. Besides their profession, they also love to master their hobbies, as well as improve their language and soft skills.

3. Traditional values

Women in Belgium share conservative traditions when it comes to a relationship. They strive to create a family and have kids with the man they love. 
They expect the man to take action and be a leading party in a relationship, making decisions about the most important issues like living together or traveling somewhere. They pay a lot of attention to whether the man is reliable and responsible, as they look for creating a family instead of dating for years. Thus, Belgian brides are often married by the age of 30. In case you meet a woman from Belgium who is in her mid-30s and single, she is likely to be disappointed in her marital life and is probably divorced already.

4. Talent for cooking

The last but not the least important reason why foreign men choose Belgian partners is that they have a well-developed cooking skill. Moreover, local ladies adore the process of creating a new dish and presenting it to their families, so if a cooking talent is what you’d love your ideal woman to have, don’t hesitate to start dating a Belgian girl. 

What are Belgium Brides Like 

1. They are easy-going

Belgian ladies are nice and fun to be with. They are eager to travel the world, explore new places and try new hobbies, so you will not regret dating such a girl. Your only task is to generate ideas on how you can spend time together.

2. They are fond of food

In Belgium, women not only love cooking food but also eating it. They enjoy tasty dinners with a glass of good wine. So, if you are also fond of culinary experiments and love tasting different cuisines, a Belgian woman will be the best companion for you.

3. They are supportive

Women of Belgium do not only expect men to be men, they also can give a lot to you in return. They know how to support their loved ones if they have hard times. They will not leave you in a tough situation or when you get ill – so if you look for a woman who will not dump you once you have trouble at work or with your family, choose a Belgian mail order bride. 

4. They love order

The national feature of Belgian people is that they love to live an orderly life. They love it when things are in corresponding places and their houses are clean. They strive to create a relationship where there is mutual understanding and everything is serious with their boyfriends. If you wish to have a simple, genuine relationship and live a life full of ease, you can have it with a Belgian girlfriend.

5. They speak a lot of languages

One more thing that gives Belgian brides extra points is that they speak a lot of languages from a young age. They speak Dutch and French with their families, learn English in schools and universities, and learn one more foreign language when they are grown-ups. Thus, if you doubt whether you will be able to communicate clearly with ladies from Belgium, you should not worry. A language issue will hardly be a problem.

Where you can meet Belgium Brides?

Previously, we would say that you could meet Belgian girls only if you were Belgian, lived in the country or had to travel there often. But now it’s not the case anymore. In the 21st century, you can make use of modern technologies even in the sphere of romance. Online dating has become very popular in the last decade. Therefore, you should not miss an opportunity to meet new people over the web. And who knows, maybe your future wife is waiting for you out there?

How to find a Reliable Belgium Dating Website?

To get acquainted with Belgium women online, you need to search for a proper website. Keep in mind the following points to check out before you sign up for any online dating platform:

  1. Check FAQ. This section will give you an understanding of how the particular website works and how you can sign up, communicate and pay for it.
  2. Read Terms of use. We know that’s hard to force yourself to do that, but if you want to make sure the website is safe before you start dating or figure out the payment details, don’t overlook this section. Also, here you can get to know the way the company guarantees money return, etc.
  3. Customer Support availability. If it happens that there is no such team or it works only certain hours during the working week, it may cause you troubles. Remember, a good company has its Customer Support working 24/7.
  4. Means of communication. Does a company provide anything besides online chatting? Are you able to hear the voices of your potential Belgian brides or see them? If so, you have found a good dating platform. Otherwise, you may have visited the scammers’ website. 
  5. Pricelist. How high are the prices on a certain website in comparison to others? You need to do some research before getting an answer to this question. When you’ve done it and see that one of the sites asks for too much, remove it from your list of dating platforms. If it costs a lot, it might be fake. 
  6. User-friendliness. While using a website, you have to be comfortable with it, even if you are just scrolling through pages. If the website looks like it is still 2007, it’s probably not something you should trust and give your money to. 

Tips on Dating a Belgium Girl

  1. Be a gentleman. As we emphasized earlier in this guide, women of Belgium look for a man who can be a leader in a relationship. Still, it does not mean you have to act like a tyrant and tell her what to do all the time. Instead, show your respect and dignity in communication with a Belgian woman – she will be happy in a relationship with you.
  2. Be reliable. Don’t be late on dates and do what you promised. Don’t make her doubt whether she is important to you. Otherwise, she will lose interest in dating you.
  3. Be positive. All of us can have troubles, but remember that it’s not your girlfriend’s fault. 
  4. Be nice to her parents. Family ties are strong in Belgium, so if you express your interest in getting to know them, she will appreciate it a lot.


As we revealed everything we know about Belgian mail order brides, we would like you to make a move and start dating them online. Don’t forget to share our overview with your friends so that they can try out online dating too. We wish you the best in your dating experience.

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