IndianCupid – A Detailed 2024 Review

IndianCupid – A Detailed 2024 Review

Indian Cupid is a niche dating website for all those who seek a relationship with non-resident Indians. It was established by Cupid Media, a large dating software provider. In our Indian Cupid review, we will describe its main features, prices and reveal whether it is safe for dating or not.
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How it Works?

The Indian Cupid website is quite informative and has intuitive navigation. Like other Cupid Media dating agencies, this one does not allow you to preview the profiles without registration. So, to get familiar with the audience and benefit from the service, you have to set an account. It takes a few quick steps:

  1. Go to and press the View Singles Now button to get to the sign-up menu.
  2. Fill in the required info and create a password for your account in the registration form. After that, agree to the terms of use and press View Singles Now. Or, you can join the platform via your Facebook account. The service ensures that no notifications will be displayed on your Facebook page.

To sum up, the registration is relatively simple and does not require much effort compared to other dating services.
Upon registration, you will receive a special offer. Simply upload a profile picture, and you will get three months of premium services for free. It is pretty enough to meet a partner and thus benefit from IndianCupid without spending any money.


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Indian Cupid Dashboard

You will proceed to your control panel after registration. It is pretty convenient. You can use a simple search on the main page of your dashboard to adjust recommendations. The profiles are displayed in the center of the page. Statistics and the main section of the panel are placed in the upper bar. From there, you can also proceed to your account and profile settings.

You can adjust the search settings right away or start with completing your profile. You will receive maximum attention if you include not only a photo to your profile but also complete all the surveys.

Completing Indian Cupid Profile

Go to the profile management menu in the upper bar and proceed to the Edit Profile section.
As you can see, profile completion results in better visibility and more accurate matches. With completed questionnaires, you will become more attractive since more people will see you in their recommendations.

There are several survey sections. In Your Basics, you will be able to update your location. The second section focuses on appearance, so you have to specify your physical features such as eye color, height, body type, etc.
After that, you will proceed to Lifestyle, where you can fill in the info about your marital status, eating habits, children, occupation, etc.

A survey of your cultural background includes questions about your language, nationality, family values, etc.
You can write something about yourself and include a profile heading at the bottom of the profile completion page.
Afterward, scroll up the page and go to the Interest and Personality sections. You can specify your hobbies in Interest and answer at least seven questions in Personality. It will help Indian Cupid improve your recommendations and matches.

Afterward, go to the Photos section to upload a couple of pictures. You can upload an image from your device or Facebook.
It will not take too much time to complete all these sections. At the same time, you can leave them untouched if you consider that you have to include too much personal information. It is up to you what info to specify.
It is highly recommended, however, to pay attention to all the sections to benefit from this service to the fullest. Moreover, Indian Cupid does not store this info in its database, and you can update your profile at any time.

Adjusting Advanced Search Settings

If you fully complete your profile, it is high time to adjust website search settings. Go to Search in the upper bar.
Compared to other services, Indian Cupid offers you a lot more options. You can set the following criteria:

  • Gender
  • Age range
  • Activity
  • Location
  • Type of relationship
  • Appearance (9 expandable criteria)
  • Lifestyle (11 items)
  • Cultural background (20 additional criteria)

As you can see, these criteria are similar to those you specified in your profile section. The website search depends on the information users include in their profiles. It, however, limits the accuracy of the advanced search results since people may not complete all the sections of their profiles. Despite that, this feature is still incredibly useful.

Cupid Tags

Cupid Tags are keywords that you can attach to your profile. They allow users to express themselves better on the platform. This feature makes the website search more comfortable since you can filter profiles with keywords that meet your love expectations. You can add as many Cupid Tags to your profile as you want.
Go to your profile management section and follow the Cupid Tags link. After that, type the desired keyword in the corresponding field. Then, press the Add button.

Communication Features

Unfortunately, Indian Cupid does not feature too many communication options. It is a platform for chatting only. You can send and receive messages, and that’s all about interaction with other members. No video chatting, voice messages, live streams, or any other entertaining features are available.
To start a conversation with someone, press on the chat icon on their profile to expand the chat window.
As you can see, the chat options are pretty limited. At the same time, you can send a pre-written message template to many users at a time with the Cupid Introductions feature. It is quite useful since you can avoid repeating the same info dozens of times while addressing new people.
Press on the pencil icon in the chat window to enable Cupid Introductions to make the introductory message.

Mobile Application

There is a mobile application for Android users available on Google Play. It is only 3.1 MB in size yet functional. You can use all features available via the Desktop version.
The design, however, needs improvements. The app is not as convenient as the PC version—Indian Cupid reviews rate it 3.4/5 on Google Play.


You will find not only Indians but also people of other nationalities. Each website search will give you more than 500 results, depending on the adjustments. That is why you will get a wide choice of profiles and find a partner that meets your expectations for sure. Gender proportion is equal, with the same amount of search results related to men and women.

Profile Quality

Like on many other dating platforms, people post average-quality pictures. When it comes to profile completion, most users never seem to pay attention to any of the profile sections. As we mentioned before, it makes website search approximate regardless of criteria you apply.



Gold and Platinum memberships are available. IndianCupid offers three subscription plans for each membership type.
Here are the subscription costs for a Gold membership:

  • One month at £24.99
  • Three months at £49.99
  • 12 months at £99.99

Prices for Platinum membership are the following:

  • One month at £29.98
  • Three months at £59.98
  • 12 months at £119.98

There is a small gap between the costs. At the same time, the Platinum subscription offers more advantages. You can see the list of features below.

Payment options include cards and e-wallets.


IndianCupid has an automated system that monitors user activity and suspends suspicious profiles. It aims to limit the number of fake users. The platform, however, still hosts scam users.

Profile Verification

Users can verify their identity on the platform. This feature is optional. You can proceed to the Verify Profile section in your profile management menu and submit a scan of official identity proof.

It does not work in practice because you have to apply much effort to find at least a couple of verified users. There are about only 3% of members who approved their identity on the platform.

Security of Payments

IndianCupid is certified by Thawte. It means the agency uses reliable SSL data encryption to protect users’ financial and personal information. Therefore, the website is entirely safe.


What is Indian Cupid?

Indian Cupid is an international dating platform dedicated to Indians and non-Indian residents.

How much does Indian Cupid Cost?

While registration is free, the gold subscription starts at £24.99. Platinum membership costs from £29.98 to £119.98.

Is Indian Cupid Legit?

Indian Cupid is a legit and safe platform. It applies reliable data protection measures. At the same time, you cannot avoid fake users because anti-fraud measures are ineffective.

Who Owns Indian Cupid?

Cupid Media, a large dating software provider, owns Indian Cupid.

Does Indian Cupid have a Mobile App?

You can use a mobile application available on Google Play.

How do I Delete my Indian Cupid Account?

Take these steps to delete your account:

  1. Go to profile settings.
  2. Follow the profile cancellation link at the bottom of the page.
  3. Enter your password and specify the reason for the account cancellation.
  4. Press Switch Off Profile.
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