Vietnamese Brides: What Foreigners Should Know Before Meeting Them?

Vietnamese Brides: What Foreigners Should Know Before Meeting Them?

Dating an American girl may be fun for some time, but there is no surprise if you feel like it’s not what you are looking for. Only the minority of American women are willing to get married soon after graduating from high school and have kids. What should you do if you want to find a woman to settle down with and start a family? We propose you to search for your love among Asian women. Dating these women offers a lot of advantages in comparison to dating Americans, yet it has some pitfalls too. In this guide, we will share with you everything we know about dating Vietnamese brides, their features, and expectations in relationships. Let’s get started.
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According to the survey conducted by our dating experts’ team, the Vietnamese mail order brides popularity increased dramatically in the last decade. This is due to the reasons that you can find below:

Family values

First of all, men from all over the world tend to choose Vietnamese women for marriage due to their traditional values. Local brides consider family to be the most important thing in their lives, so they are ready to commit to their partners for a long time and have kids. Every Vietnamese woman loves kids and is dreaming of having two or three babies. Moreover, she is even ready to give up her job and dedicate all her time to her husband and kids. In case it is a relationship that you are aiming at, hurry up to meet Vietnamese mail order brides.


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The second reason for the Vietnamese brides popularity is their extreme loyalty to their partners. Cheating is severely condemned by Vietnamese society, so local women try hard to maintain their reputation unblemished. They never flirt with random men or go on dates once they are in the relationships. They prefer to have one partner for the whole life, so if you happen to seduce a Vietnamese girl, she will be yours forever.

No bad habits

Vietnamese brides do not smoke or drink. They consider bad habits unacceptable for young ladies, and, probably, such an attitude allows them to look young even in their 50-s.
If you are going to invite your Vietnamese mail order bride on the first date, refrain from taking her to a hookah place or bar. She will be uncomfortable in such places and will not manage to relax in your company.

Flexible worldview

Vietnamese girls are some of the most tolerant in the world: they do not stereotype and are free from prejudices based on race, skin color, sexual orientation, and so on. They are also not affiliated with any church or belief, and that’s why they accept all people in their variety of thoughts and views. With such a wife, you will never feel ashamed for her incorrect statements or inappropriate behavior.

Outer attractiveness

Did we mention that Vietnamese women for marriage are very beautiful? These girls have gentle Asian appearance: straight brown hair, deep hazel eyes, and mild facial features. They are mostly short and subtle (but if you want to find a curvy Asian bride, you can meet her in Vietnam).

As for the clothes, Vietnamese mail order brides prefer feminine elegant looks. The younger generation wears bright and trendy outfits, while older Vietnamese women choose minimalistic dresses, shoes, and accessories. The common Vietnamese women feature is their ability to choose the right look for any occasion and place – keep it in mind if you plan to travel with your future wife on business.


Finally, Vietnamese women are smart. Although the majority of them do not enter universities right after high school, they still get higher education and work in respected positions. It allows them to widen their outlook, meet different people, and make a successful career as a result.

Where To Meet Vietnamese Brides?

If you want to find a Vietnamese wife, consider all ways to do it. First, you can search for a woman of Vietnamese descent in your country. Are you living in one of the biggest cities in the USA? You might get lucky and find your Vietnamese girl for marriage there. To boost your chances of meeting her, download an app like Tinder or Badoo and start dating.

Second, you can travel to Vietnam to explore the country, its culture, and meet locals. However, this way is time-consuming and quite expensive: you will hardly manage to leave your job to move to Vietnam for half a year to date girls. But what to do if you still want to meet Vietnamese girls for marriage? You need to become Vietnamese dating platforms’ member. Such websites work similar to Tinder but host only ladies from Vietnam who are ready to meet foreigners and move to another country for marriage. Other benefits of using Vietnam dating sites are the following:

  • it’s cheap. All you pay for is a membership plan if you want to use any premium app features;
  • it’s secure. If you do not disclose your data to anyone, online dating is completely safe and fun;
  • it’s easy. All you do is sign up and start liking mail order Vietnamese brides. If they like your profile, they will text you on their own.

Vietnamese Women Dating: Top Tips And Hints

There are a few things to follow if you want your relationship with a Vietnamese woman for marriage to last. Keep them in mind and do not hesitate to use:

  1. Be polite. The first and foremost thing you should do when meeting Vietnamese brides is being polite. Asian women are very modest and would not understand your pick-up lines if you try to use them. Hence, talk to them as if you were communicating with a new colleague at work rather than a girl in a nightclub;
  2. Be friendly. You will conquer the Vietnamese girl’s heart with a warm attitude and smile. There is no need to pretend to be someone else since Vietnamese girls will not like it. Just be yourself, emphasize on your strengths, and be optimistic when introducing yourself to a Vietnamese bride;
  3. Invite her on an offline date. If you like online communication with a certain Vietnamese mail order bride, suggest seeing each other in real life. Choose a cozy restaurant for your first date to get a chance to talk in a quiet atmosphere. If you like how it goes, have a walk in the nearby park or ride bikes to add a special touch to your evening;
  4. Do not insist on having sex quickly. We understand your desire to take your relationship to the next level, but you do not need to hurry when dating a Vietnamese mail order bride. Take your time to get to know each other better, create common memories, and start intimate relations once you know that she is the right person for you;
  5. Meet her parents. If you have been dating for some time, be sure to express your interest in meeting her parents. You have to find a common language with them before marrying a Vietnamese woman, so do not shelve your acquaintance with her friends for a long time.

Why Are Vietnamese Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

There are a few reasons why Vietnamese brides get married to foreigners and move out of their home country. Firstly, it happens because of home violence. Local men are rude to their women and kids, and the cases of beating are common in the country. Vietnamese girls for marriage often grow up in families where the father abuses his wife and children, and they do not want to get into similar relationships in the future. Thus, they look for a chance to meet international men who will protect and love them.

Second, local men often have problems with alcohol addiction and infidelity. Unfortunately, cheating on wives is a common thing in Vietnam. Modern Vietnamese girls try to break this cycle of miserable life and move out of the state to find their love.
As you can see, Vietnamese brides have significant reasons for the desire to date international men. However, the majority of them do not have enough courage and financial resources to move to another side of the globe on their own, so they join dating websites to find a boyfriend. In the next section, you will get to know how to find a proper dating platform to meet Vietnamese brides.

Choosing Vietnamese Brides Dating Site

If you don’t want to become a victim of fake dating websites, we suggest you check their credibility before registration. Here are a few things to check:

  • Privacy Policy. A proper Vietnamese dating app will not transmit your data to third parties, nor it will use it for marketing purposes. What they should do about is only protect it from fraud;
  • Terms of Use. Read it carefully to find out your guarantees and rights. Pay special attention to the payment section and refund process. A good dating app always gives money back if its users cannot find what they are looking for;
  • Quality of profiles. To evaluate the audience of the website, read reviews on the web. You can even join a few Vietnamese forums to ask about proper dating platforms that local people use;
  • Customer Support. Do not trust the service that has no Customer Support agents to serve you 24/7. You never know when you may have trouble with the payment or suspicious activity, so there should be a person to help you anytime;
  • Price level. Authentic dating sites are usually prepaid but not expensive. You do not have to feel like you are spending hundreds of dollars just to say hi to a Vietnamese girl on chat;
  • Features. Be sure to check whether voice and video calls are available on an app: if there is only a chat, you can never guess whether you are texting a real person or not.


To help you make a final decision on dating Vietnamese women, we prepared this comparison for you. Let’s what makes Vietnamese brides better than American ones: Vietnamese women are healthier. Since they do not smoke and drink, they have better skin and body shape than American women. Vietnamese brides also pay more attention to their nutrition and physical activity; Vietnamese brides are more genuine. They do not lie, spread rumors, or hate their exes. If they don’t like something, they talk about it right away, and do not play games like American girls; Vietnamese girls are more obedient than American women. Their Asian mentality does not allow them to cross their husbands’ word in public, so you will hardly ever see them fighting with their loved ones on the street.

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