Cebuanas Review: Can You Find Love On This Website?

Cebuanas Review: Can You Find Love On This Website?

Nowadays, online dating has become one of the most convenient ways to meet people for relationships and marriage. The pros of this means of dating are multiple : - you do not need to travel to any country; - you should not be worried about the awkwardness of finding a common language with your potential date instantaneously; - you can communicate with a few people at a time and they will not know about it.
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How it works?

Now let’s take a closer look at the Cebuanas.Com website and the things it can offer. When we first visited its homepage, we were in doubt whether it is still working, as its design looks like it was developed in 2009.

Luckily, the homepage does not have any annoying pop-up advertisements. However, it lacks eye-catching content, proper girls’ photos, and thoughtful headlines to make a potential customer eager to register and try out dating there. 
At the top of the screen, you can see a few tabs that will help you get familiar with the Cebuanas service. The ‘Filipina Gallery’ tab will take you to the list of women’s profiles that you can view for free.

The ‘Why Choose Us?’ tab explains the pros of becoming a member of this dating site. The ‘Quick Search’ tab allows you to see women’s profiles along with a short bio of every girl and filter the list of proposed profiles by certain criteria.

The ‘Contact Us’ page contains several forms of feedback for the potential or return customer to use. The general request form looks like this

In case you have any questions or troubles with login, chat, or other issues, you can click on the respective button above the form and read a short guide on how to resolve your problem. If it does not work, you can fill out the form below every guide, and get it done by the Support team of Cebuanas. At the top right corner, you can see the ‘Login’ button for registered users. 
The last ‘Signup’ tab will take you to the registration form. You can reach the same page by clicking the blue ‘Join Free Today’ button on the left. Also, you can become a member of Cebuanas Com by filling out a short questionnaire on the right side of the homepage.

As you can see, it is pretty easy and will not take you long to fill out. If you decide to use the two other ways to register, you will be taken to a slightly different form. Here, you will be able to choose the ID of a user, indicate your gender and gender of your potential partner, and your phone number.

When you finish inputting your details, you will need to press the ‘Continue’ button to proceed. 
Also, there is a possibility to register with your Facebook account, so you can spend even less than a minute on registration. At this point, we like the Cebuanas login and sign-up processes. Although its interface looks outdated, all the tabs and buttons are working well. 


Cebuanas.Com was developed as the website for dating Filipina women online. It targets mainly women from Cebu, which is one of the most modern parts of the country. Local mail order brides speak English very well as it is an official language there. Now let’s see how an average profile of the Filipina bride looks on Cebuanas. 
After you click on the ‘Quick Search’ tab of the homepage, you will see the profiles’ list. The short bio next to the lady’s photo will give you the information on her name, age, sex, the date of joining the website, and the time of the last visit. Below each profile, you can also see a few buttons that allow you to contact the lady, see her profile entirely, and send her a smile. After you open her profile, you will be able to read more about your potential date, such as:

  • a degree she holds;
  • her occupation;
  • zodiac sign and religion;
  • weight and height;
  • family status and the presence of kids, etc.

Below, there is also a short self-presentation, her interests, and the features of people she is looking for in Cebuanas. 
So far, we liked the profiles on Cebuanas as they present a lot of information about their holders. One more important thing to mention is that a potential customer can see the profiles of the current users without registration. It is a big plus for those who do not usually trust online dating sites.


Cebuanas Com does not display its prices openly, although we managed to find them. 
From the website, we could only get to know that Cebuanas proposes membership plans starting at one month and lasting up to half a year. 
The price of a one-month plan is $24.95, the three-month plan costs  $49.95, and the yearly plan will cost $99.95. However, the price of the yearly premium subscription jumps up to $249.95 as it includes the following features:

  • free one-day Philippines tour (the regular price $99.95);
  • free 2 package flower delivery (the regular price of $34.95 each);
  • free 3-month membership subscription for SaigonDarlings service (the regular price $39.95);
  • chatting with Online Filipina Members privately;
  • appearing on top of search results;
  • ability to communicate with First Class women.

These rates are stated for men as women do not pay for their membership. As stated in the Cebuanas FAQ section, men must upgrade their membership with the prepaid plans if they want to make the search for their love more accurate and communicate with more women. Also, the company states that they need to pay the staff who checks every profile for authenticity to eliminate scam activity on the website. 


When it comes to the safety of online dating website, two aspects should be taken into account: 

  • the quality of profiles;
  • the safety of financial data. 

To evaluate them, we use the information from different sources, including Cebuanas reviews of recent customers, so that you can have the best experience of using it. 
As you can see from the testimonial below, the company does not seem to check the profiles for authenticity as it promises. The customers reported having a frustrating experience with it.

When it comes to the payment security on Cebuanas, it is safe since the company uses various means of making transactions, including PayPal and Western Union.

Still, the service requires you to tick the box that asks you to confirm that your payment cannot be reversed. At this point, we would not advise you to use this service as the quality of profiles is not the highest and you will not receive your money back anyways. 


What is Cebuanas.Com? is an online dating company that connects women from the Philippines with men from all over the globe. They do it to help them both find their love and start a relationship online.

How much does Cebuanas.Com cost?

The prices vary depending on the length of the membership plan. They start at $24.95 and go up to $249.95.

Is Cebuanas.Com legit?

Due to the Cebuanas reviews of its users and the quality of women’s profiles, we can’t consider this site as legit . Also, the fact that the company does not refund the money makes it look unreliable. 

Who owns Cebuanas.Com?

The company does not disclose information about its owners openly. 

Does Cebuanas.Com have a mobile app?

You can use any gadget to access the website, but the specific mobile app of Cebuanas.Com has not been developed yet.

How do I delete my Cebuanas.Com account?

Unfortunately, the company does not delete the profiles of its users. All you can do if you want to stop using the service is contact the Support team to deactivate your account. After that, no one will be able to access your profile. 

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