DateInAsia Review

DateInAsia Review

Date In Asia first attracts new users with the fact that this site is completely free to use. With no mandatory payments and hidden charges, you are definitely tempted to check it out. However, like most free dating sites, Date In Asia has a big problem of fake profiles and scammers, and the site administrators don’t seem to take this problem seriously.
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How does it work?

Let’s take a closer look at how it works and what/who is waiting for you there.
The cool thing on the date in Asia is that even before creating your profile you can just take a look and find out who waits for you there. You will see profiles of men and women who are also ready to communicate and get to know each other closer.
You can not only take a look at photo but also check profiles of those who caught your eye and find out some details as location, relationship preferences, religion, age, and even habits. The design of the platform is very simple which allows you to concentrate on the person and your intention and not the usability of the website itself.

It is time to take action and show yourself as you have no chance to message anyone unless you introduce yourself. Let’s create a profile. Again, nothing is complicated at this point.
There is no need to provide your real name if you do not want it. Just choose the username you want. You have probably filled in dozens of such forms to create a social network profile of some digital document. Make sure that the email address is correct as you will receive a confirmation email and the fake one will not let you in date in Asia.
It is highly recommended to provide only true information further on as nobody wants to start relationships from a lie. You will not want to explain later to your soulmate why you are a couple of years older or younger or something else. What is even more, there is no chance to change the date of birth later. No excuse is accepted and the policy is quite strict on dateinasia as to personal information.

Moving forward with profile creation, dateinasia reviews suggest you state your sex and partner preferences. There is also an option to choose city but GPS location can help you here to shortlist potential partners within reachable distance. You can choose the city yourself if you are not at your destination or plan to relocate or go for a trip. All is set, time to sign up and go on your dating trip.
Next milestone is a phone number. As it was mentioned before, despite the simplicity of the design, dateinasia platform keeps it secure and wants to shorten scammers, bots and fakes. No worries, your phone number will not be given away or shown on your profile. It is an identification step to shortlist unsupported countries and prevent them from creating multiple accounts for a single user. You just choose the country and wait for an SMS with a verification code. Safety is your priority. It won’t take long to move further to the final and the most important stage.

Here you are. It is time to think about the thing other users will see first, which is your photo. You can choose the favorite pic from the gallery of your phone or take an instant picture. The most important advice is to upload your picture. A little hint: pics with smiles and open face attract more likes and call to action to send you a message right away without any hesitation.


Even though it is mainly targeted on the audience of Asian countries (the name of the platform speaks for itself), you can meet people from Europe and the United States. There are no age, race or sex restrictions. Just be yourself. Whether you are straight or belong to the LGBT community, you are always welcome to the date in asia com site.


There is only one standard membership for everyone. DateinAsia is free of any charges or special offers. As was mentioned before, it may seem simple and untrustful but hundreds of additional cool features distract people from the main goal, which is to meet your soulmate.



There are two steps of verification via email and phone number. Without the last one, you will not be able to move any further on the platform. Nevertheless, it doesn’t protect you from pretenders or scammers but lets only real people in.


What is the DateInAsia platform?

It is positioned as a free dating social platform to get in touch with someone you like without borders or limits. You can match with the person you like and start private messaging but only you know how far it will go.

How much does access to the platform cost?

Access to the platform is free.

Is DateInAsia a Scam?

Profiles go through the only one verification stage which if phone number. Other personal data is not checked and users can write whatever they consider to be important.

Who owns “DateInAsia”?

The DateinAsia was created by a team of geeks to create a simple space for people to find their soulmates and someone to hang out with. They have delegated the management and support of the platform to computer algorithms. Thus it is difficult to get in touch with the support representative and it takes up to 7 days to hear from them.

Does DateInAsia have a mobile app?

There is no app to use on your smartphone, the only web version is available for now.

How do I delete my DateInAsia account?

On the footer of the website, there is the FAQ section. It allows you to follow the link and delete your account with all the data of previously shared messages. Think twice before you press “delete” as there is no way back, and you will not be able to restore your account.