Jeevansathi Review: Reliable Dating Site Linking Single Hearts Together?

Jeevansathi Review: Reliable Dating Site Linking Single Hearts Together?

Jeevansathi is the matrimonial service that operates in India. In fact, the service also has an application that connects Indian population across the globe. They have a central office in Noida, India, where hundreds of employees verify users who wish to find a partner. Jeevan Saathi is a variation of a typical dating website, but the general experience promises to be safe and easy for the bulk of newcomers. In this review, we’ll highlight strengths and weaknesses of this matrimonial dating service. Is it a straightforward way of finding a soulmate or just a website that promises too much? Let’s find out.
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How it works?

Jeevansaathi welcomes you on the first stage of registration after you press the Register Free button on the main page. The whole process of registering on the service takes several steps. The data that needs to be filled includes email, password, full name, date of birth, and mobile number. After that, press the Register Me button to continue registration at

The next step is where the personality compatibility test begins, so stay patient since most Jeevansathi reviews do not indicate that the registration can take up to 10 minutes in total. The next step is all about moderators who will either approve your profile or not. We recommend finding out what group or subgroup of Indian culture you belong to because in order to get a Jeevansathi login, this data is obligatory to provide. To join their so-called Matchmaking Experience, you’ll have to provide the following data:

  • Real name
  • Birthdate
  • Native language
  • Religion
  • Sub-branch of religion
  • Marital status at the present moment
  • Height

This step is all about the data about you and your occupation. Jeevansathi USA asks for tons of details about your educational and professional background, and it takes lots of patience to complete the registration that looks overly complicated. You’ll have to provide the range of details, from your country of origin up to your annual income. 

One of the final steps of registration has to do with your family details. The service will ask the range of questions about your Family Type and Contact Address. This is almost the end of registration, so your profile page will appear on the screen in a matter of seconds. 


Jeevansathi was created with focus on India in mind, as well as surrounding countries. However, things are quite different in 2024: there are users from the western countries here who dream about having an Indian wife. The most expanded community is American users with around 1 million users in total registered on the site. 
The ratio of users is quite imbalanced because of foreign profiles. Now, there are 30-40 percent of females compared to the rest of male profiles. It’ll be quite a challenge to find a decent woman here because she’s likely bombarded with messages all the time. Nevertheless, most women aged 27 or higher seek serious relationships here, so maybe if you’re persistent enough, she’ll hear your call for attention. 
Weekly, there are up to 30,000 active users. At the same time, the data indicates that the majority of users find a dating match several days after registration. 


You should keep in mind that the service has several pricing plans. Each of them has a separate range of features to benefit from while using the service. In general, the plans look like this:

  • Basic
  • eRishta
  • eAdvantage

Each of those pricing plans is available in 3 prices. You can pay for 3, 6, or unlimited numbers of consecutive months. Of course, the top package is eAdvantage that has all the extras included from the perspective of what this service offers overall. Below is the screenshot with the exact prices for all the pricing plans. 
Currently, the service supports several payment methods. You can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, and RuPay for covering the paid features. The supported currencies are USD and Indian Rupees. 



Matrimonial dating services that require real-life verification from users usually follow high standards of safety. It’s the same for Jeevansathi in 2024, because security is a top priority for them to stay legit compared to the rest of competitors. The service has the initial identity verification via mobile phone number to confirm that you’re a real person. Of course, there is no dating service without scammers at all, but during our testing session, we noticed that there are only a few of those on Jeevansathi. The whole phone verification process lasts around a day, so only patient scammers who have a spare phone number will pass the identification firewall developers had to set up for protection. 


What is Jeevansathi?

Jeevansathi is the online matrimonial dating service that connects people who want to marry in India and worldwide. The service is one of the leading ones in Indian region. 

How much does Jeevansathi cost?

The initial registration is free, you don’t have to pay for the basic features. Later on, you’ll need to pay using one of the three pricing plans: basic, eRishta, and eAdvantage. The prices per month start at $59.99.

Is Jeevansathi Legit?

The service is one of the most secured ones in the segment of Indian dating due to strict user verification.

Who owns Jeevansathi?

Jeevansathi is owned by Info Edge, the Internet company based in India. The founder of the company is Sanjeev Bikhchandani, the Indian media expert and IT technologist.

Does Jeevansathi have a mobile app?

The service has mobile applications for both Android and iOS operating systems.

How do I delete my Jeevansathi account?

To delete your account, hover the mouse over your picture in the profile first. Then, press Delete Profile. Enter your password and remove the profile from the system.