Thai Brides

Thai Brides

Some men are comfortable with dating and marrying women who live two blocks away. While there’s nothing wrong with marrying next door, where is the intrigue in that? Imagine you could build a relationship and marry a beauty from another continent entirely. Now that’s spicy! Thai brides are famous for their outlandish beauty. You may know Thailand for its warm weather, breath-taking landscapes and naturally clear water, but do you know that much about their women? Single Thai women embody all that is eye-catching about Asia.
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As you may have noticed in movies, these women have slender bodies. They have clear skins and don’t need a lot of makeup to look beautiful. Even their heavily accented way of speaking English is a major turn-on for many men.
Their beauty can explain why they are popular amongst foreign men. Even their sense of style is fascinating for men that crave an experience that deviates from what they’re used to. They don’t try to show too much skin, and men looking to settle down with a Thai wife appreciate this.
The fact that they come with cultural values that are very different from that of the western world further adds to their appeal. Their sexual skills are also famous, and many bloggers that have visited South East Asia can testify to what they are capable of under the sheets.
However, with Thai girls, it isn’t all about physical appearances. They have interesting personalities and are ideal for men who need some peace in their lives. Thai wives grew up in a society that teaches that the place of a woman is beside her husband, and this is obvious when you get married to them. But, before you get married to a Thai mail order bride, you need to meet her first, and how do you do that?

There are beautiful Thai women on online dating sites that can fit into your idea of a wife. These Thai single ladies are beautiful and exotic and are willing to mingle. If you play your cards right, you can easily find a Thai wife in the course of meeting single Thai women.
Now, how does it work? The short version is that you go on specific dating sites and meet Thai girls, talk to these girls and share your intentions. Over time, these Thai girls warm up to you and you can let them know you are looking for Thai women for marriage. You can meet up for dates and if all goes well, you will have yourself a Thai bride in no time.
However, as you may have already guessed, there is a lot more that goes into meeting Thai brides online. Whether you are a newbie in the online dating pool or a pro, you still need all the help you can get. The rest of this article will help you make the right decisions when looking for Thailand mail order brides.

To clear things up, when you hear the term ‘mail order Thai brides’, it doesn’t mean you can just pay money and have Aliexpress ship a Thai lady for marriage to your home — it doesn’t work that way. Technically, that would be slavery and we all know that that’s unacceptable.
Thai mail order brides are Thai women that you can meet online and talk with. The ‘mail order’ term has been around for centuries and is used to refer to the fact that you meet these ladies online. These women are open to flirting with, dating and starting families with foreign men.
However, their popularity has been on a steady rise. Why is it that many men want to meet Thai women? The answers to that question lie with both parties — Thai women and foreign men.
From our in-depth research into the desires of western men in the dating pool, we’ve found that they are attracted to the following traits in Thai brides:

Their good looks

Thai girls are naturally pretty — it’s that simple. Now, you may argue that girls from other parts of the world are pretty too. While your argument would be valid, there are reasons why the beauty of Thai girls is unique.

For marriage and indeed any long-lasting relationship, a partner’s beauty has to come from within as well as their looks. Thai ladies have an abundance of both. They’ve found a way to stay beautiful without looking indecent, and this is a rare thing nowadays.
Thai ladies have the classic Asian look, but with a more subtle Hispanic tinge to it. You will find most of them with long, flowing black or brown hair and round faces. Their skins are radiant and not as pale as that of many European women.
Even though they are naturally beautiful, they still pay attention to their looks and take care of themselves. They may not use too much make-up but that doesn’t mean that they don’t apply any at all. They just prefer to apply modest amounts. What they do, instead of applying a lot of makeup, is to treat themselves to natural care procedures.
Thai women eat very little processed food and make a lot of visits to the spa and manicure houses. They do this to keep their bodies healthy, and the result of this is that they don’t age as quickly as women from other regions. What man wouldn’t want his wife looking young for as long as possible?

They are in touch with their feminine side

As gender roles and perceptions become more fluid, Thai brides have retained their traditional feminine traits. The average Thai girl is charming, soft on the eyes and can be very shy. This is all thanks to the conservative society they live in.
Unlike Romanian women, Thai ladies have no issue with letting a man lead the way. As long as they trust you, they will be open to letting you take charge. This is a trait that is fast disappearing in the personalities of women all over the world — Western women in particular.
Even though they are all sweet and cuddly, this doesn’t imply that they are not strong-willed. The modern Thai girl is in tune with the Western lifestyle. They know what they want and go for it.
Even Thai brides that are from a more traditional background are firm and resolute. In their conservativeness, they still have their opinions about issues and try to see that they pass these opinions across. This is very easy to notice when the issue has to do with their family or personal welfare. In essence, you can say Thai women are much like Avocados — soft on the outside, but firm and resolute inside.

They are familiar with Western culture

Another reason why Thai girls are popular picks for online dating is because of their versatility. Though they come from a conservative society, they’re still in tune with the rest of the world. They keep up with what Western culture entails.
This will come in handy for when you’re on find Thai wife platforms. You may be surprised to see how up-to-date these ladies are with what goes on in your country. This is because they have many sources to learn from.
Because of the exotic nature of Thailand, many tourists visit the country. These tourists live and interact with them daily. When they return to their countries, they leave a part of their cultures behind. This way, Thai women pick up foreign preferences and will easily fit into a Western family.

Their high sex drive

Because of the society they live in, it is not uncommon for many Thai women to be under-served in the sex department. This creates a pent-up urge that needs fulfilling. Thus, many Thai brides are freaks under the sheets.

What makes this even more appealing for someone looking for Thai brides comes when you combine their sex drive with their modest values. The result is a woman who is always up for some bedroom fun, but not with any other man. That’s why loyalty is one of the characteristics you can expect from a Thai mail order bride.

What Makes Thai Women Special?

By now, you already have an idea of why Thai women stand out from the rest. There are other reasons why you should seriously consider dating a Thai girl. Some of them include:

They have a vibrant personality

Modern Thai girls are bubbly and cheerful. They are always smiling and this just adds to their attractiveness. If you’re a foreigner in Bangkok, you can attest to their good-naturedness.
They can be shy at first with strangers, but many women from other countries are too. When you get to know them, they become free around you. This is when you can see how active they are, especially with their partners.

They are level-headed

The calmness of Thai women is legendary. They are taught the importance of peace and maintaining their cool at all times. This is a major step-up for you if you’re used to women who fly off the handle when provoked.

They are not domineering

Because of the traditional roles that their parents play at home, Thai girls never try to tussle for power in a relationship. They have opinions but never try to disrespect you or impose these opinions on you. With these women, you can expect to have the right balance of assertiveness and submission in your home.

They have excellent culinary skills

When marrying a Thai bride, one thing you can expect is a full tummy after a long day at work. These women are great cooks and you can enjoy amazing Asian dishes with them. They will also love it if you join them in cooking or learn from them. It’ll be great for bonding.

Thai Brides: The Exoticness your Home Needs

Most men married to Thai women can testify to how tranquil it is to live with them. These women can be great life partners; always there for emotional support. Thai brides have a reassuring presence that every man craves.
When you build your home with a Thai woman, you don’t have to worry about home management. Most Thai women are great at keeping a home. They love clean, minimal spaces and will always ensure that your house is looking homely.
These characteristics are going to help you transition from life as a bachelor to living as a married man. If and when you have kids, you can rest assured that your kids will turn out great. Thai women devote their time to raising kids with their partners. You will have work to do, as the dad, but you can count on her to make the process a lot easier.
While Thai brides are homely, they also bring an exotic vibe into your life. They will most likely be friendly with your neighbors, and keep a pet or two around. When it’s time to hang out and have fun, they will also dress stylishly and enjoy life with you.
With the right approach, marrying a Thai wife may just be the best decision you ever took.

Dating Tips to Meet Thai Mail Order Bride

Now that you know about Thai mail order brides and are interested in dating one, how do you go about it? There are reliable ways to ensure a successful date with a Thai lady, and even though some of them apply to other women too, many of them are specific to Thai women. These handy tips are:

Learn the basics of the Thai culture

Since this woman will become a part of your life, you must learn a little about her culture from the start. YouTube is a great platform to learn about Thailand. Knowing what is acceptable and what isn’t in her culture is a sign of dedication to her. It will also help you avoid clashes of interests that may arise because of the cultural differences you have.

Respect her family

When trying to impress a Thai lady, respecting her family and background is vital. Their society is family-oriented, and irrespective of how modern she is, she probably is too. When talking with her, show a genuine interest in her family, except she doesn’t want to talk about them, which rarely happens.

Foot the bill after a date

When out on a date with a Thai girl, she expects you to settle the bills. Often, this doesn’t indicate that she’s a gold-digging opportunist, as some bloggers may claim. They are just raised to see men as providers. If you are a little short on cash, let her know early on, and suggest alternative kinds of dates that fit your budget. She may even help arrange that.

Limit your public displays of affection

Even if you are head over heels for each other, you should limit your PDA. Thai people are conservative people so you should try to avoid kissing and deep hugs in public Alternatively, ask her before doing so to ensure you don’t embarrass her.

Be courageous

Many Thai women still hold traditional ideas about their men. They expect you to be there for them, protect them, and be courageous while they take care of you. Being courageous without being cocky, and assertive without being disrespectful will impress her.

Where to Meet Thai Singles

If you are in Thailand and need to know choice spots to find serious Thai girls in, then avoid clubs and bars. There is a great chance that the girls you see there aren’t looking for love. You will more likely be exploited and may even lose your money.
You can try visiting the Central World mall near Siam station in Bangkok. You will see a lot of young Thai women going about their shopping and you can strike up a conversation with any of them. If you are halfway across the world, then don’t fret; you can still mingle with Thai ladies online.
A man looking to meet Thai brides online may fall into the wrong hands if he isn’t careful. There are many reliable ‘meet Thai girl’ platforms and mail order websites out there, but that doesn’t mean all of them are genuine. If you want to date single Thai women online, ensure the following:

  1. Read user reviews about the platform and take special note of the negative reviews. You could see reviews that tell you about the legitimacy of the platform.
  2. Only sign up on platforms that are popular amongst the locals and have an extensive number of Thai brides.
  3. Ensure the website is secure by checking to see if the URL starts with https:// and not http://.
  4. Steer clear of poorly defined profiles and profiles with few pictures of unrealistically hot girls.

If you do a bit of research before using a Thai dating platform, it will go a long way in ensuring you don’t fall victim to scams.


Thai ladies are among the most beautiful women in Asia. They are elegant, poised and confident, even if in a reserved manner. Unlike popular media portrays, they know what they want and will often seek out ways to succeed instead of sitting and staring into the distance. Apart from their looks, they have a good blend of conservative and liberal personalities and can fit into most environments. They love their culture and expect you to respect their values. They are great picks for men looking for international brides. If you meet a Thai woman online, following the directives in this article will improve your chances of kick-starting a long and blissful relationship.